Case Study Lancaster Fire Station (IKO)

Case Study Lancaster Fire Station

Client: John Turner
Project: Lancaster fire station
Size: 400m2
Product: IKO Armourplan Single Ply


About the Project:

We were hired to install a new roof on a new building under construction for a new fire station in Lancaster.


Key challenges:

  • This project brought several unique challenges, including:
  • Needing to create profiles in a particular way. It was essential that these were straight otherwise they would not have imitated a zinc standing roof
  • Adding tricky detail on the main roof
  • Needing to flash inside of some steel to keep the roof water tight

The System:

For this system we opted for an IKO Armourplan Fleeceback membrane which is a glass tissue reinforced fleece backed PVC membrane. This offers exceptional mechanical properties and product performance as well as high UV resistance and a long service life.

As per the manufacturers recommendations, this was secured with low foaming glue as part of a fully adhered system. The low foaming glue is specially formulated to allow rapid and safe bonding of suitable membranes, which made it perfect for this particular project. As a high performance, moisture cured, single part adhesive, the low foaming glue was cold applied and lap joints were welded with a hot air gun.

For insulation, this project required 140mm tissue faced insulation board. This is a rigid thermoset insulation core which is faced on both sides with a coated glass tissue facing. This type of insulation is high performance and fibre free, providing a high level of insulation.

We also installed a box gutter all around the perimeter with a high quality trim finish.

The 2 lower roofs that were created with the same specification, with profiles only used on the top roof.


The Result:

At the end of this project:

  • All works passed inspection by the manufacturer technician, as well as electronic testing
  • The client was extremely happy with how the roof looked.
  • The requirements for the 15 year guarantee were met
  • The manufacturer field inspector commented: “You can tell , time and effort has been put into this. Looks really well.”


Case Study Lancaster Fire Station