SikaBit Promelt

This hot applied membrane is used for inverted cold flat roofing areas or aspects such as podiums, balconies, and walkways. This is due to it having a non-tracking monolithic state.

This new addition is ideal for any new build construction site due to it being able to be trafficked quickly straight after the installation process. Furthermore, it can also be easily laid around other working trades.

The overall durability of SikaBit Promelt, as well as its longevity, provides us with the perfect solution for aspects such as high traffic flat roofing areas.


SikaBit Hot Melt 50/70

 Advantages include:

  • Hot applied system
  • Suitable for completely flat decks (zero falls)
  • BBA certified No. 19/5682
  • Has outstanding durability – as lasts the life of the building
  • Tough and resistance to impact damage
  • High bond strength to substrate
  • High tensile strength
  • Rapid setting, resistant to rain, snow, and frost immediately after application







Hot Melt System Benefits

SikaBit Promelt has been BAA certified for the durability of the design life of the roof.  In addition to this, it can be installed all year round, making it more accessible and is backed with Sika’s roofing application and technical team’s support.

A major benefit is that it is sustainable, meaning that it creates less site waste during the application of it. This is due to a total of 15% of the compound being made from post-consumer recycled materials. Furthermore, the outer protective film of the blocks of hot melt are thermofusible, this allows for the film to be simply melted away with the compound, therefore leading to less waste.


Hot Melt System Build Up