Case Study- Hallsworth Road, Eccles, Manchester

Project:                                  Hallsworth Road

Address:                               Hallsworth Road, Eccles, Manchester

Architectural Practice:  JDA Architects – Manchester and Liverpool

Client:                                     ForViva Housing Association

Contractor:                          Bridgestone Construction Ltd

Roof Area:                            1050 m2: 18 Houses (all pitched roofs), and 655 m2: Apartment block (flat roof)

Roof System:                        Sikaplan Single Ply Membrane


The Hallsworth Road site was acquired by social housing developer, For Housing following the move of local Rugby League Club Salford City Roosters to a neighbouring location.  The developer worked closely with Salford City Council, the rugby club and the local community to build essential housing that would be both affordable and eco-responsible. This has resulted in

the construction of 48 new homes, comprising 30 apartments and 18 two and three-bedroom homes, including 4 bungalows. The roofing system chosen was fundamental in meeting the project goals of sustainability and affordability.


The client required a sustainable roofing system, that was cost effective whilst maintaining the aesthetic look proposed by the architects. This was especially important for the pitched roofs on the houses, which would be visible from the street. The original specification by the architects was for a concrete tiled pitched roof with zinc finishes. Working together with the architect and Sika, Enviroply Roofing proposed an innovative single ply roofing system to the developer which met the project goals of a sustainable, and visually appealing roof.


A mechanically fixed Sikaplan® G-15 roofing system was used, for both the flat roof on the apartment block as well as for the pitched roofs on the houses.

The apartment block used a traditional flat roof buildup using S-Vap 500 E as the AVCL (Air and vapour control layer), Sikatherm PIR GT as the insulation layer and finishing with Sikaplan® G-15 membrane using a mechanically fastened system.

The pitched roofs needed a more innovative approach, Enviroply Roofing therefore proposed a fully ventilated cold roof, using Sikaplan® G-15 membrane together with Sika Décor profiles to achieve the required high-level metal roof aesthetic. To ensure this system met regulations pertaining to the control of condensation, Enviroply had a bespoke ventilated system made and fixed to the roof ridges. Aluminium capping was then installed to fully complete the system.  This solution offered a real point of difference to the developer, saving them substantial costs and the additional benefit of a quicker installation whilst maintaining the desired aesthetic required as part of the design.  This innovative approach in the application of a single ply roofing system on pitched roofs has offered multiple benefits to the client and has already raised significant interest for other developers looking to save costs whilst meeting programme timings.

The developer and end user also benefit from the 20-year guarantee offered by Sika and Enviroply Roofing.