Sika Liquid Plastics manufactures a range of quality, cold applied, seamless, liquid systems and coatings for flat roofs waterproofing


Low Odour High Performance Liquid Applied Roof Membranes

The Low Odour range was developed to provide durable and high-quality low odour solutions.  This range is especially great for balconies, terraces, and walkways for both refurbishment and new build.

Being able to provide a quick solution is vital when refurbishing or repairing balconies and terraces in inhabited new builds or inhabited buildings close by.  The curing speed and the low odour benefits of this system ensures high priority needs a met, whilst still providing a high-quality waterproofing solution.


Low Odour Balcony Range Features and Benefits

Sika Liquid Waterproofing



Standard Liquid Applied Roof Membranes

The Sikalastic® PU range of coatings are a weather resistant waterproofing solution for all exposed roof areas.  They are single component, cold-applied, moisture-triggered liquid waterproofing membrane which cures to form a durable, seamless, and weather resistant waterproofing system.

The products have the same advantages of using liquid membranes, whilst being a cost-effective alternative to other options available in the market.




System Features and Benefits of One of the Sikalastic Products in the Range


Sikalastic Rapid

The Sikalastic® Rapid range for walkways and balconies is based on polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) technology. This range provides the fastest cure of any liquid applied membrane within the market, even when applied in low temperatures.


Solutions for Fast Application and Limited Access

The Sikalastic® Rapid range has been developed for use in situations where the contractor’s access to the area may be restricted, and fast application may be required.

An example of when this range could be used is for a communal walkway or stairwell within a housing block. A fast application would be needed as residents will require access to their home within an acceptable time period.

The product has the ability to cure in 30-40 minutes, this can be accelerated if required.  The systems are exceptionally hard wearing and have been proven to withstand environment demands on areas such as walkways and balconies and are compatible with almost all substrates. In addition, the system is able to provide reliable waterproofing and protection, in combination with functional surfacing.

There are different decorative options which are available with the use of Sikalastic® Rapid Clear Sealer and coloured quartz.


System Features