liquid roof waterproofing

Liquid Waterproofing

Liquid Waterproofing systems can be one of the most cost efficient ways to make your roof waterproof. A cold applied system, it can be used on new and existing roofs and cures into a flexible, seamless waterproof coating which adjusts to the shape of the roof. It’s applied in stages – a basecoat is laid over the surface, a reinforcement layer is laid over before a final coat of liquid to form a fully waterproof system.

It can be applied to most surfaces, so can be used as either a new installation or a repair/refurbishment on an existing roof which can generate extensive savings against the cost of a replacement roof.

Popular uses for liquid waterproofing

Repair / Refurbishment – if your roof is coming to the end of it’s life or is failing in parts, using liquid waterproofing to overlay the roof is a good solution as it will bond to the existing substrate.

If access or storage is a problem or consideration – our installers only need to bring to site what they need for that day.Installation does not require any cabling or noisy generators

Complex detailing – for projects that have lots of detailing e.g. upstands, edge details or penetrations, liquid waterproofing can make the job much easier and quicker.

Inverted roofs – can be used as an inverted roof system where the membrane is laid under the insulation, with a ballast laid on top such as gravel, paving.

Pitched roofs – cold applied liquid waterproofing systems are suitable for roofs that have a combination of flat and pitched areas. Can be applied above pitches of 15 degrees and below 5 degrees.

Manufacturers we work with:

Sika Sarnafiliko-polymeric