IKO Armourplan Roofing Contrators

IKO Armourplan single ply membranes are manufactured at their Clay Cross site in Derbyshire which has ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BES 6001 accreditations.  They are the only single ply membranes produced in the UK and use the latest extrusion technology to ensure a consistently high quality, which also saves on waste and energy.

The range of Armourplan membranes have been independently verified by the BBA to provide a life expectancy in excess of 30 years. It is also FM approved, conforming to FM Global standards.

IKO is a worldwide enterprise with manufacturing plants in Canada, USA, across Europe as well as here in the UK.  Their name is widely associated with quality and dependable waterproofing solutions backed up by high levels of customer service.

IKO Armourplan range can only be installed by an IKO trained and licensed contractor.  As an IKO approved commercial contractor, we can help you to select the right solution, and will install your roof as per the manufacturers high standards.

Armourplan membranes can be used on most types of roof design on both new and refurbishment projects.  It can be used on steel, concrete and timber structures, and for warm, cold and inverted roofs.  They are available in a range of thicknesses and colours making it a suitable solution for almost any type and shape of roof structure, whether is’s pitched, flat, domed, wave form, vertical, concave or convex.

Features and Benefits of using IKO Armourplan membranes:

  • Choice of application methods – adhered, ballasted, mechanically fastened
  • Range of colour and thickness
  • Water vapour permeable to prevent moisture build-up
  • Resistant to pollution and root growth
  • Does to stretch or lose shape
  • High UV resistance



Armourplan P is a robust polyester reinforced mechanically fixed PVC membrane. It offers enhanced mechanical properties over the standard PVC membrane as well as being completely UV stable.

This particular membrane is very versatile meaning it can be either mechanically fixed, adhered or ballasted.  Furthermore, it is suitable for several different roofing applications; both on flat and sloping roofs.

All overlaps are heat welded by using hot air welding equipment.


  • UV stable throughout
  • Improved tensile strength
  • Very efficient and safe to install
  • Good mechanical properties and product performance
  • Aesthetically pleasing finish
  • Various accessories are available to choose from
  • Secure seam welding quality



Armourplan PSG is a glass tissue reinforced polyester fleece-backed PVC single ply membrane. It is used within a wide range of roofing applications, both on flat and sloping roofs.

In addition to this, it also offers enhanced mechanical properties over the standard PVC membranes, as well as being completely UV stable throughout.

This particular membrane forms a sleek skin on various types of roof applications. It can be adhered to the most common substrates, is suitable for both new builds and refurbished, and specialist applications such as simulated metal roofs.


  • Outstanding UV resistance and durability
  • Excellent mechanical properties and product performance
  • Efficient and safe to install
  • Provides an aesthetically pleasing finish
  • Various accessories are available to choose from
  • Secure seam welding quality

With the challenging commercial and industrial markets, and the changeable regulations for thermal efficiency, we are confident that we can use our industry knowledge and experience of working with IKO Armourplan membranes to help you select the right solution to meet the requirements of your project.