What are fully adhered, single ply roof systems?

If your commercial or industrial property needs a new roof, you could be swamped with the range of choices available. From sedum roofs, to hot melt roofing, there are a range of options available. And here at Enviroply, we are the North West’s leading commercial and industrial roofing providers. Our most popular roofing option is the single ply roofing membrane. This can be either be mechanically fixed, ballasted, or fully adhered. This is our guide to fully adhered, single ply roof systems.


What are fully adhered, single ply roof systems?

So what exactly is a fully adhered single ply roof? Well, simply put, this is a roof system that is held in place with adhesive. In the past, it has been necessary to secure roof membranes with hot melt adhesive, but new technology means that a single ply roof membrane can be fully adhered, by applying cold adhesive.

A fully adhered roof system is created by bonding lots of vital layers together. This includes:

  • the single ply roof membrane
  • insulation board
  • vapour control layer
  • roof deck

By making sure that each of these layers are bonded effectively, your roof will be stronger and more resistant to wind uplift. That’s why it’s important to ensure a solid bond strength between each layer.

Is a fully adhered single ply roof the right option for your property?

A fully adhered, single ply roof is suitable for a range of properties, including residential. commercial and industrial. It is usually used when the aesthetic appeal of the roof is important or for renovation works.

  • New builds- if your commercial property is being constructed, you might think about a fully adhered roof. Especially if your roof is low, and will be visible. This is because your new property will need to look stunning, to attract interest and enthusiasm. However, a sedum roof could be a better option, depending on your goals.
  • Renovation projects- if your roof deck is structurally sound, you might think about a fully adhered roof system for your renovation project. This can be very effective, especially in situations where the deck is not suitable for fasteners.

What are the advantages of choosing a fully adhered single ply roof?

There are several advantages to choosing a a fully adhered single ply roof. These include:

  • The aesthetic appeal- Other methods of securing a roof system to the substrate can be less appealing than a fully adhered roof. With a fully adhered roof, there are no mechanical fastenings to detract from the overall appeal, and a sedum roof can distract from the geometry and angles of your building.
  • Less movement- A fully adhered single ply roof is the only option that is fully secured over every cm of the roof, without any spaces in between. This means that in strong winds, the fully adhered roof is less likely to move at all.

For more information or advice about different single ply installation methods, get in touch with the experts today, here at Enviroply Roofing.