What are mechanically fixed, single ply roof systems?

Following on from our latest post regarding fully adhered single ply roof systems, we felt it only fair to tell you about another effective installation option for single ply roof membranes. This is the mechanically fixed, single ply roof system. So what is it? What are the advantages of choosing a mechanically fixed roof? Well, here at Enviroply Roofing, we are the leading commercial and industrial roofing providers, across the North West. We provide a range of top quality roofing options, from sedum roofs, to single ply and hot melt roofing systems. As a result, we have produced this guide to mechanically fixed, single ply roof systems.


What are mechanically fixed, single ply roof systems?

So what exactly does mechanically fixed mean? And what does a mechanically fixed, singly ply roof system have to offer?

Well, as simple as it sounds, a mechanically fixed single ply roof system is a roof system that is held in place using mechanical fastenings. These secure the single ply membrane, over the top of the insulation and vapour control layer, and are fastened in place to the roof deck.

In recent years, there has been a big increase in the options for mechanical fasteners. Which means that the suitability of a mechanically fastened roof system has also grown to include a wider range of roof types than before.

The number of fasteners required to secure the singly ply roofing membrane and insulation in place, is determined by calculating the size and location of wind zones. Understanding the wind uplift and wind loading, on the individual roof. This is something we excel at, here at Enviroply Roofing, so you can always be sure of a secure and structurally sound mechanically fixed roof.


What are the advantages of choosing a mechanically fixed single ply roof?

There are many advantages to choosing a mechanically fixed, singly ply roof. And these include:

  • Secure roof- if you choose a mechanically fixed roof, you don’t have to worry about movement, or rips. Due to every detail of the roof is calculated and taken into consideration when deciding on the number of fasteners to use, and where to use them. As a result, you won’t find any areas where the single ply membrane is coming away from the roof deck.
  • Recyclable- Because the single ply membrane doesn’t come into contact with any chemicals, or adhesive, at the end of it’s life span it can be recycled. As a business or company, this can help you achieve your own company targets, and those from the Government, in terms of green credentials, and environmentally friendly construction.
  • Easy to replace- If in the unlikely event, the single ply membrane ever does rip or break, because it is only held in place with fasteners, it can be easily removed and replaced by swapping like for like. This can be more complicated for a green or sedum roof, or a fully adhered roof.

For more information or advice about which type of installation method would suit your roof and property, get in touch with the professionals today, here at Enviroply Roofing.