Case Study- Lathbury Gardens

Lathbury Gardens

Project:                     Lathbury Gardens

Address:                   Ullet Road, Liverpool, L17 2AD

Main Contractor:     G C Construction

Architect:                   John McCall Architects Ltd

Size:                           852m2

System:                     IKO Armourplan P Membrane Slate Grey, Spectravap PE VCL, 200mm, IKO Enertherm GOLD Insulation

About the Project:

Lathbury Gardens is a 4 storey new build development of 36 luxury apartments in Liverpool, This is situated on the site of the former Lathbury House near Sefton Park, on the corner of Ullet Road and Lathbury Lane. The roof of this development is split over 3 levels and utilises both IKO Armourplan PSG fully adhered and IKO Armourplan P mechanically fixed membranes.

The roofing system for Lathbury Gardens:

As leading roofing professionals here at Enviroply Roofing, we installed the single ply, mechanically fixed roofing system for this new development, including the 3rd and 4th floor penthouses, and the terraces and balconies.

We began this project by installing the IKO Spectravap PE, as the Vapour Control Layer (VCL) for the 3rd and 4th floor penthouses. This is a high performing option that provides highly effective protection from condensation and moisture build up, which could damage the roof system over time.This was loosely laid, with laps and edges being sealed with Spectravap Jointing Tape, in line with manufacturers guidelines.

We also installed the IKO Systems Self Adhesive VCL layer for the terraces and balconies. This has a polyester reinforced aluminium core, coated with a rubber modified, self-adhesive bitumen coating, which allows for increased water vapour resistance and provides a high level of protection.

Once the VCL was in place, we then installed the insulation for the roofs and for the terraces. For both of these systems, Enertherm GOLD PIR insulation boards were used. These provide significant thermal efficiency as they are made from seven different layers that are combined into one complex, and then clad on both sides with multi-layer gastight aluminium complex. As a result, this insulation option can effectively protect the development from losing heat in the winter months, and from gaining too much heat in the summer, allowing for comfortable temperatures to be easily maintained all year round. This insulation option also offers increased compression strength, as well as superior thermal performance, making it perfect for balconies and terraces.

To complete the roofing system, we then installed the waterproof membranes. For the 3rd and 4th floor penthouses we put in place the IKO Armourplan P Membrane to complete the roof system. This was mechanically fixed into place for maximum roof security, in line with manufacturers guidelines. This is a single ply membrane that provides a range of benefits, including an increased tensile strength and a high level of product performance, making it perfectly suited for this project.

For the terraces and balconies we installed the IKO Armourplan PSG membrane. This is a glass tissue reinforced polyester fleece-backed PVC membrane, which is completely UV stable and perfect for a range of applications, including flat and sloped roofs, and balconies and terraces. This membrane was fully adhered for roof security.

Problems and challenges:

This project presented unique and interesting challenges due to the roof design and structure. Interestingly, the high level penthouse roof was constructed upon the mid level roof which required applying a temporary waterproofing detail whilst the timer frame was constructed. This was challenging yet vital to keeping the adhered system and works below dry. This penthouse block has since had its external walls cladded in a chrome coloured zinc cladding, which really offsets the design and colour of the lead grey roof covering.

In addition, the main roof benefitted from the installation of solar panels which added to the energy efficiency of the building. With the inclusion of any items such as solar panels, satellite dishes or TV aerials, it is imperative that a separation membrane is installed between these to add a protective layer to the single ply membrane.

The result:

Everyone involved was pleased with the quality of the work and the results, and the roof met the standards set for a 20 year guarantee.

Lathbury Gardens Lathbury Gardens Lathbury Gardens Lathbury Gardens Lathbury Gardens Lathbury Gardens