Secured Project- Clayton Triangle

Clayton Triangle
We are delighted here at Enviroply Roofing to again be working with Watson Homes on Clayton Triangle in Accrington, where we will be installing an Alkorplan by Alumasc roofing system.
Project:             Clayton Triangle
Address:           Whally Road, Clayton-Le-Moors, Accrington, BB55HD
Architects:        tadw Architects
Contractor:       Watson Homes
Roof size:          921m2
Roof system:    Alumasc Renolit Alkorplan Membrane, Alumasc Polyethylene AVCL, Alumasc FF PIR Insulation
Installation:      Mechanically Fixed

About the project:

The development at Clayton Triangle will see the development of 53 apartments and 74 houses bordering the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, close to Junction 7 of the M65, on a six-acre derelict site in Clayton-le-Moors. This project will include a range of affordable housing options, including shared ownership, rent to buy and affordable rent. In addition, 32 apartments will be created for those over 55 who may be looking to downsize. All of the homes will have off-road parking and landscaped front and private rear gardens

Our role in the project:

We are the North West’s leading flat roofing experts here at Enviroply Roofing, and for the Clayton Triangle development, we will be installing an Alumasc roofing system.
The first stage of the installation will involve the AVCL. An AVCL is an Air Vapour Control Layer which is designed to prevent the movement of water vapour and moist air from penetrating the roofing layers and causing structural damage over time. The AVCL is also designed to prevent the build up of condensation and water droplets on the inside of the roof structure. For this project, we will be installing the Alumasc Polyethylene AVCL. This is a high quality, top end option that is polyester reinforced with a polyethylene film and is highly effective for preventing the movement of moist air and water. This will be loosely laid in preparation for mechanical fixing, with 150mm overlaps which will be jointed with Alumasc butyl tape.
Following the AVCL layer we will be installing the insulation layer. The insulation in a property, particularly the roof insulation, is crucial for maintaining a good indoor temperature all year round, and for reducing energy bills. This is because the right insulation layer can prevent the property from losing heat through the roof in winter months, and from heating up uncomfortably in the summer. For this project, we will be installing 160mm Alumasc FF PIR insulation boards, with a double layer to create the right depth for this roofing system.These insulation boards are made from rigid foam, and are faced with low emissivity composite foil. This construction can help to dramatically improve thermal efficiency and performance. These boards will be mechanically fixed into position.
We will complete the roofing system with the installation of the waterproof membrane. For this project, the Alkorplan by Alumasc Reinforced Membrane will be installed in a lead grey colour. This is a highly effective thermoplastic PVC-P roofing membrane, which is reinforced with woven polyester. This membrane is a top quality option that offers exceptional longevity, durability and fire and UV resistance.