Secured Project- Cotton Gardens

Cotton Gardens
For our latest project we will again be working with D&B Consult on the Cotton Gardens Development in Bolton. For this, we will be installing an Alkorplan by Alumasc roofing system.
Project:             Cotton Gardens
Address:           Union Mill, Vernon Street, Bolton, BL1 2PT
Architects:        Four Architects
Contractor:       D&B Consult
Roof size:          1170 m2
Roof system:     Alkorplan by Alumasc Reinforced Membrane, Alumasc Polyethylene Membrane
Installation:       Mechanically Fixed

About the Project:

Cotton Gardens is a new development in Bolton, which will see the creation of 105 one and two bedroom apartments within the original Union Mill building. Set over 4 floors, these apartments will be stylish and well designed, with a wide range of amenities including a gym, garden space, communal workspaces and co-working facilities. This development is just 10 miles from Manchester and a 15 minute walk to Bolton town centre.

Our role in the project:

As leading roofing experts, here at Enviroply Roofing, we will be installing an Alkorplan by Alumasc roofing system for the development.
Initially, we will be installing the vapour control layer, which will be the Alumasc Polyethylene Membrane. This will be loosely laid with the edges and laps being sealed with Alumasc butyl tape, in accordance with manufacturers guidelines. This vapour control layer can provide effective water resistance, preventing the roof structure from becoming damaged over time by condensation and moisture build up.
We will then be installing the waterproof membrane to complete the roofing build up, on top of PIR insulation boards. This will be the Alkorplan by Alumasc Reinforced Membrane, which is a thermoplastic PVC-P roofing membrane with woven polyester reinforcing. Designed for maximum roofing protection, this membrane offers increased durability, effective fire and UV resistance, and outstanding thermal properties for a high quality roofing system with exceptional longevity.