Case Study- Chatsworth Mill

Chatsworth Mill

Project:                          Chatsworth Mill

Address:                        Chatsworth Mill, Hyde Road, Gorton, Hyde

Main Contractor:      Watson Homes

Architect:                       Grays Architecture

Size:                                  844m2

System:                          Alumasc Single Ply Membrane, Alumasc Polyethylene AVCL, 160mm PIR insulation

About the project:

Working in partnership with Watson Homes, it was a pleasure to provide the roof waterproofing to the new build apartment development, on the site of the former Chatsworth Mill in Gorton, Manchester. This saw the creation of a stylish four storey apartment block, in line with the architecture of the local area. This included 16 two bedroom, and 24 one bedroom apartments, as well as car parking.

The roofing system for Chatsworth Mill:

For the Chatsworth Mill roofing system, we installed the Alumasc specification, which consisted of Polythene AVCL, 160mm PIR insulation and Alumasc’s Alkorplan single ply membrane.

We began the installation with the Air and Vapour Control Layer, which for this roofing system was the Alumasc Polyethylene AVCL. This was loosely laid with all overlaps being jointed with Alumasc butyl tape, in line with the manufacturers recommendations. This is a high performance AVCL option that is polyester reinforced, with a specially modified bitumen vapour barrier, and a removable polyethylene film on its underside, as well as an aluminium core, and a fine mineral surface. This is a highly effective option for residential properties like the Chatsworth Mill development, as it offers excellent moisture protection properties, as well as good tensile strength and durability.

Following this, we then installed the insulation layer. For the Chatsworth Mill development we installed two layers of 160mm Alumasc FF PIR Insulation, to create the right depth for the project. Alumasc FF PIR Insulation is a rigid foam insulation, with a low emissivity composite foil facing, for highly effective thermal efficiency. As such, this was the perfect choice for this development, as this type of insulation can ensure long lasting roofing performance. These insulation boards were mechanically fixed into position.

The single ply membrane was then installed to complete the roofing build up. This was the Alumasc Alkorplan single ply membrane, in a lead grey colour. Offering high performance and long lasting results, this membrane option was the perfect choice for the Chatsworth Mill development. It is a membrane that is reinforced with woven polyester, for increased strength and longevity, and this was mechanically fastened into position.

Problems and challenges:

The timber substrate had been installed to falls to allow the usage and installation of the flat board insulation, with a perimeter box gutter constructed on site, with a stepped insulation board and hard edge detail.
Consideration had to be given on site to the waterproofing detail under the eave to the upstand of the abutment to the higher level roof, due to the difficult working height. However, our experienced operatives were able to overcome this challenge and ensure a fully weathered detail was achieved.

The result:

Overall, the project was completed on programme and within budget, giving an aesthetically pleasing roof to a fitting new build development. A credit to all involved in particular to the Enviroply installation teams involved.

Chatsworth Mill Chatsworth Mill Chatsworth Mill Chatsworth Mill Chatsworth Mill