Secured Project- Burnley College University Building Refurbishment

Burnley College University Building Refurb
Here at Enviroply Roofing, we will be installing Sikaplan single ply roofing for the new flat roof systems, as part of the Burnley College University Building refurbishment. We are pleased to again be working with John Turner Construction on this development.
Project:                 Burnley College University Building Refurb
Address:               Burnley College, Princess Way, BB12 0AN
Architects:           ABW Architects
Contractor:          John Turner Construction
Roof size:             522m2
Roof system:      Main Roof: Sikaplan SG 1.8mm , 25 Year Guarantee Tapered Sarnatherm insulation
                             Canopies: Sikaplan SGK 1.8mm, 25 Year Guarantee Tapered Sarnatherm insulation
Installation:        Mechanically Fixed

About the Burnley College University Building Refurbishment:

The refurbishment of the Burnley College University Building will see three new floors added vertically to the existing single storey building. This will provide space for new additional teaching spaces, as well as additional breakout areas, storage facilitates, and a new server room. This additional space is much needed as student numbers have been increasing for a number of years, with significant growth in particular over the last two years, seeing the existing facilities nearing capacity.

Our role in the project:

Here at Enviroply Roofing we are the North West’s leading single ply roofing experts, and for the refurbishment of the Burnley College University Building we will be installing the roofing systems. This will involve the creation of a new main roof, as well as a large and small canopy roof.
For the main roof system we will be installing a Sikaplan roofing system. This will begin with the Sarnavap 500e Vapour Control Layer (VCL). This is a VCL that offers a high level of flexibility, durability, and high-water vapour resistance, for maximum roof longevity and security.
Following the VCL is the insulation layer, for which we will be installing tapered Sarnatherm insulation. This has a 25 year guarantee and will be installed in line with manufacturer’s guidelines to create the perfect roofing gradient, to ensure the fast and efficient removal of rain water. Not only does this tapered insulation allow the correct fall to be achieved, but this insulation is also high performing, reducing heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, to help reduce the buildings energy usage.
Finally, we will complete the main roof by installing the Sikaplan SG 1.8mm single ply membrane. This is a single ply membrane with a high performance rate, and a resistance to permanent UV radiation. With an inlay of glass fleece, this is a highly stable and effective single ply membrane option, with a high level of water resistance.
In addition to the main roof, we will also be installing a large and small canopy roof. For each of the canopy roofs we will be using the same roofing build up. This will begin with the VCL, for which the Sarnavap 5000e self adhesive membrane will be used. This is one of the leading options for VCLs across the UK, specifically designed with quality, durability, and longevity in mind. The Sarnavap 5000E offers fantastic water resistance and can protect any property from damage caused by condensation and roof moisture.
This will be followed again by the installation of tapered Sarnatherm insulation, with a 25 year guarantee.
Finally, the large and small canopy roofs will be completed with the installation of the Sikaplan SGK 1.8mm single ply membrane. This is an incredibly stable, UV resistant single ply membrane that is created with a glass fleece inlay to improve performance and longevity. This membrane is also resistant to environmental influences for a long lasting roof.