Working in Wood, Salford


Salford community project, Working in Wood, is run by Incredible Education CIC, a social enterprise providing nature-based services for local communities through horticulture and forest school activities. The Cleavley Community Forest Garden also has wood kitchen, a poly tunnel, outdoor learning area, an edible garden that supplies fruit and veg and a coffee shop & cafe that serves plant-based and healthy food.

The garden and its surrounding areas where the activities take place, were at the mercy of the mancunian weather, having no covered area large enough to protect groups or events from the elements. Their requirement was to create a building that was enviromentally friendly, low in running costs and could increase the thermal performance of the building in colder months.

Having access to the new covered space will enable the garden to host music events, health activities, child and parent groups and workshops all-year round; all with the aim of improving community connection. The building will primarily provide a secure indoor workshop to Salford community group, Working in Wood, which runs woodwork projects for anyone over the age of 18 looking to gain skills or meet new people. The group, which helps tackle social isolation, and has also been involved with the construction of the new building.


The group secured two used shipping containers to form a 20ft x 30ft building, and also erected a timber frame surrounding the containers to form a flat roof area. With the requirement for a roofing system to be environmentally friendly, Sika Sarnafil Advanced Technology was their roof membrane of choice, knowing it was the first and only roofing membrane to be Certified Cradle to Cradle in the UK.


Enviroply, Sika Certified Roofing Contractors knew that the roof could be even more sustainable if a Sika green roof system was installed on top of the Sika waterproofing membrane. With numerous environmental benefits to a green roof, especially a biodiverse system where the surrounding vegetation can polluniate the roof area, it was an ideal solution.

The full system build-up included, Sika Primer 610, Sikatherm® PIR GT insulation, Sarnafil® Advanced Technology 2.5mm which was mechanically fixed to ensure no adhesives were required, SikaRoof® Protection Fleece P-225 UK, SikaRoof® Rigid Drainage Layer 20 UK, SikaRoof® Biodiverse Substrate and SikaRoof® Biodiverse Sedum Blanket.

“We are proud that we’ve played a small role in helping people to meet others and develop their skills in a safe, nurturing, environmentally friendly space.”

Jake Clarke, Managing Director at Enviroply Roofing Ltd

July 2023 Newsletter