Case Study: Vernon Street

Vernon Street

Project:                        Vernon Street


Address:                      Vernon Street, Ashton-Under-Lyn, Greater Manchester OL6 8TJ


Main Contractor:        Watson Homes


Architect:                      tadw architects


Size:                               465m2


System:                         Alumasc Alkorplan membrane, mechanically fixed dark grey, 20 Year guarantee,                                                         Alumasc FF insulation U-value 0.1


About the project at Vernon Street:

The development at Vernon Street in Ashton-Under-Lyne saw the creation of 24 affordable, one bedroom apartments. These are within a modern three storey building that has been specifically designed in reference to the historic cotton mills of the local area, which made for an interesting and stylish roof design in particular. This attractive residential site also offers 19 parking spaces with four electric charging points at the front of the property.


The system:

As leading roofing professionals here at Enviroply Roofing, we installed the single ply, mechanically fixed roofing system for this new development.

For the first stage of the installation we loosely laid the vapour control layer, as this would be mechanically fixed into position at a later stage. For the vapour control layer, the Alumasc Polyethylene AVCL was selected. This is a polyester reinforced, specially modified bitumen vapour barrier, that has a removable polyethylene film on its underside, an aluminium core, and a fine mineral surface. For residential properties like the Vernon Street development, this is a highly effective option with excellent moisture protection properties, as well as good tensile strength and durability. The overlaps on this vapour control layer were jointed with Alumasc butyl tape for additional security and protection.

Once the vapour control layer was in place, we then installed the insulation layer. For this layer, 200mm Alumasc FF PIR Insulation was selected because of the high level of thermal efficiency and great performance that this can offer. This insulation is faced with low emissivity composite foil, which makes it perfect for the development at Vernon Street. We installed two layers of the rigid foam insulation to create the right depth for this roofing project.

To complete the roofing build up we installed the single ply waterproof membrane. For the Vernon Street project we used the Alkorplan F PVC Single-Ply membrane by Alumasc in a dark grey colour to complement the visual design of the project. This membrane offers an incredibly high performance, as it is reinforced with woven polyester for maximum results. The entire roofing system was mechanically fixed into place.

Finally, we installed the Alkorplan standing seam profiles to create a stylish and attractive visual design for the roof.



Problems and challenges:

This was a challenging yet extremely rewarding project. The roof was designed as an alternative to the traditional pitch roof, using the Alumasc Alkorplan Single Ply membrane to create a sleek look for a modern build. The roof was finished with Alkorplan standing seam profiles, which complemented the finish perfectly.

Having had to work together ensuring each component of the roof build up was mechanically fixed prior to moving onto the next section of the roof, our installers accepted the challenge and overcame the difficult constraints of working on a pitch rather than a flat roof, with which we would certainly agree that their efforts paid off.

The standing seam profile finish offers a fantastic aesthetic alternative to Zinc, slate or tile.


The result at Vernon Street:

Everyone involved was happy with the quality of the work and the results, and the roof met the standards set for a 20 year guarantee.


Vernon Street Vernon StreetVernon Street Vernon Street