Secured Project- Town Hill

Here at Enviroply Roofing we are delighted to be working with Complete Construction Ltd to install an IKO Armourplan Single Ply Roofing System for the Town Hill development in Warrington.


Project:                   Town Hill, Warrington


Address:                 Town Hill, Warrington, WA1 2NG


Architects:               Keith Davidson Partnership


Contractor:              Complete Construction Ltd


Roof size:                524 m2


Roof system:           IKO Armourplan


Installation:              IKO Armourplan PSG membrane, Ultra SA VCL, IKO PIR/EPS Tapered Insulation


About the project:

The Town Hill development in Warrington is set to create 39 one and two bedroom apartments in the centre of the town, with underground parking as well as a sky garden on the sixth floor. This development will provide affordable and attractive housing in the area, with 25 one bedroom flats, and 14 two bedroom flats to be available.


Our role in the project:

Here at Enviroply Roofing, we will be installing the warm roofing system for the Town Hill apartment block, and this will be a fully adhered IKO roofing system.


For the Vapour Control Layer we will be installing the IKO Ultra S-A AVCL. This is a self adhesive option that is strengthened with a robust polyester base, covered with a polymer modified bitumen, and has a thick, impenetrable aluminium core. This is designed specifically to prevent moisture and water from passing through, and for protecting the warm roofing system, and the property, from water damage and condensation problems.


The sloping roof system intended for this project will be constructed using the IKO PIR Tapered Insulation. These expanded polystyrene insulation boards provide a high level of thermal insulation for any property. Also, the insulation boards are tapered, allowing for the creation of the ideal pitched slope and the proper gradient, with one end of the board being deeper than the other.


The IKO Armourplan PSG membrane is the single ply membrane that will be used to complete the new roof structure. With this installed on top of both the vapour control layer and the insulation layer, a warm roofing system will be created that is both practical and efficient. This is an industry leading single ply membrane, designed specifically to provide durability and longevity, as well as complete UV stability. For this project, the IKO Armourplan PSG membrane will bring a range of benefits for the new roof system, including increased resistance, improved product performance and a sleek and stylish finish. The IKO Armourplan PSG membrane is a glass tissue reinforced polyester fleece backed membrane that is perfect for the sloping roof design of the Town Hill apartment block.