Case Study Ladybridge Sports Centre (Sika)

Main Contractor: Y Developments

Project: Ladybridge Sports Centre

Size: 300m2

Product: Sika Sarnafil Single ply


About the Project:

Ladybridge Sports Centre is a sports club, used by a number of different clubs and teams and offering a range of sport sessions. The building also houses changing rooms, showers and a large café for the public. We were hired to install a single ply roof on this new build property in the summer of 2019.


The key challenges:

With this project, there were some key challenges we needed to overcome. These included:

⦁ Working on a single storey roof

⦁ Working with a newly build timber deck

⦁ Working in an open area with a lot of wind. This meant that installing the rolls was a real challenge, and each membrane had to be applied quickly

The System:

For this roofing system we opted for the Sarnavap 500e vapour control layer (VCL). This is a VCL that offers a range of advantages and benefits, including a long lifespan, staying flexible at low temperatures, constant vapour diffusion resistance, non-decaying, and a high water vapour resistance.

The insulation layer is also incredibly important, and for this we opted for a 140mm Sarnatherm PIR Insulation board. This has a very low level of thermal conductivity and is perfect for new builds like the Ladybridge Sports Centre.

We completed this roofing system with a Sika Sarnafil 1.5mm single ply membrane in a light grey colour. With UV and weather resistance, a long lifespan and incredible durability, this was a great choice for overall protection.

This roofing system was mechanically fixed to prevent any movement of the roof, and maintain waterproofing and weatherproofing for up to 15 years.

This was a 2-man installation that was completed in under 2 weeks, despite being scheduled for 4 weeks

The Result:

At the end of this project:

⦁ The roof was completed 2 weeks ahead of schedule to an excellent standard of quality

⦁ The roof passed inspection by the Sika Sarnafil field technician who was happy with standard of roofing works

⦁ Our client was extremely and impressed with the work

⦁ The manufacturer requirements for the 15 Year guarantee were met

⦁ The manufacturer field technician commented on a “brilliant standard”