Case Study Coronation Street (Sika)

Case Study Coronation Street

Main Contractor: ITV Studios

Project: Refurbishment of gutter on Coronation Street

Size: 100m2

Product: Sika Sarnafil Single ply


About the Project:

As one of the Nation’s favourite TV shows, Coronation Street has around 7 million viewers per episode. So keeping the set in top condition, and the actors and staff safe is of utmost importance. We were hired to overlay an old gutter with a new membrane. This had been leaking, directly over the Coronation Street Set.


Key challenges:

There were several challenges associated with this project, including:

⦁ Working to the strict rules set by ITV Studio- all works completed to agreed programme

⦁ Pedestrian access and safety- as there were people walking and working underneath us at all times, staying safe and working securely was essential

⦁ Installing liquid plastics on 2 ends- as the brickwork was staggered at various levels, and even rounded in places, it was quite a challenging process

The System:

We chose to overlay the existing gutter with Sarnafil, 1.2mm thickness membrane, because of the need for durability and high quality. We also used a fully adhered system to ensure the quality of the overlay and to provide long lasting and effective results.

In addition, we also added flashing to the plywood upstand, this adds an important level of protection against weather and water damage, helping increase the longevity of the roof.

Finally, we also installed a chase metal in to the mortar joint on the underside of the coping stone. Coping stones are an important protective feature, preventing rain and water damage.

The Result:

On completion, our roof showed an excellent quality of workmanship, meeting all necessary and practical standards. Aesthetic standards were also met, which was an important consideration as the roof may at times be shown on the programme.

Our roof also met all of the standards set by the manufacturer requirements, which means that this roof is guaranteed for 10 years. In fact, the field inspector was particularly impressed with the work carried out, as was the client.

Case Study Coronation Street.
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