Case Study Axtec roof (IKO)

Case Study Axtec roof

Main Contractor: Axtec
Project: Axtec Factory roof
Product: IKO Armourplan Single Ply


About the Project:

With a roof that was over 30 years old, Axtec were in need of a roof refurbishment for their industrial estate. We were hired to refurbish the roof, and make sure that it was fully fit for purpose.


Key challenges:

There were several challenges associated with this project, including:

  • Carrying out a full and intensive professional roof survey to assess and evaluate the scale of the damage, and the best possible solutions.
  • As part of this, we cored a hole to take a sample of the roof, and found there was no vapour barrier in place. Further to this we carried out a condensation risk analysis to determine any future condensation issues, the results confirmed there was no issue with the existing build up of materials and we could proceed with the proposed works.
  • We then had to thoroughly check the roof for unevenness and lumps. We needed to identify these and cut them out, before we could install the new roofing system
  • All of the aluminium capping needed to be replaced
  • We needed to form a new timber parapet ready to receive the Armourplan membrane works.

The System:

We started by installing a separation layer of fleece over the deck of the roof, cutting the existing membrane at all perimeters and openings before installing an Armourplan P membrane, using a mechanically fixed system.

The Armourplan P membrane is renowned for it’s versatility and durability. This is a robust polyester reinforced membrane that can offer enhanced properties when compared with standard PVC membranes. This is also completely UV stable throughout.

We also added a new trim finish for the timber upstand we had formed.

The Result:

We were able to fully complete this roofing project 2 weeks ahead of schedule, to an excellent standard and finish. The quality of our workmanship was incredibly high and we received great feedback from the field technician.

This roof passed all testing, including the electrical testing, and our main contractor was very happy with the work completed.




Case Study Axtec roof