Case Study: Boardman Street (Sika)

Case study: Boardman Street

Project:                        Boardman Street


Address:                      Boardman Street, Barton Lane, Eccles, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M30 0FG


Main Contractor:        Watson Homes


Architect:                    Grays Architecture Limited


Size:                             909m2


System :                       Sika Sarnafil S327-15EL Lead Grey Membrane, Mech Fixed, Sarnavap

500E VCL, Sikatherm PIR AL Insulation, Warm Roof


About the Project:

The Boardman Street Development has transformed a derelict industrial site in Eccles, on the corner of Boardman Street and Barton Lane, into affordable housing. The development in total cost £4.8m and has seen the creation of 33 one-bed and six two-bed homes available at low-cost social rent. This has brought much needed, affordable housing to the area at a time when the housing and homelessness crisis is having an increasingly detrimental impact. Currently, there are around 6,000 people on the housing waiting list in Salford, with around 63 people bidding for each home.

The properties on Boardman Street are affordable, social rented homes that are close to Eccles town Centre, shops and have great public transport links for people in the area. The transformation of the former derelict site has completely rejuvenated the area.


Key Challenges:

Creating a complex flat roofing system on any building comes with individual challenges, but for Boardman Street the only real challenge was the incredibly high winds that we needed to battle with at the time of installation. This made installation more dangerous, and it was more difficult to safely install the roofing layers.


The System:

Our role in the Boardman Street development was to create a Single Ply Warm roofing system, based on our professional roofing expertise here at Enviroply Roofing. As such, we opted for a Mechanically Fixed Single Ply roofing option.

We began our installation by laying the Vapour Control Layer (VCL) onto the new roofing deck. For this, we opted for the Sarnavap 500E. This is a VCL that can provide a high level of water vapour resistance, and is non-decaying, flexible and has a long-life span. The VCL was loosely laid onto the roof deck and then sealed at all side edges and end laps with Sarnavap jointing tape. All of the laps were fully supported to ensure the continuity of the protection, and the VCL was fully sealed to the abutment at the roof perimeter and around all penetrations, in line with the manufacturer’s instructions.

For the Insulation layer involved in this project, we opted to install the Sikatherm PIR AL Insulation. This is one of the highest quality Insulation boards on the market and is faced on both sides with an aluminum composite foil. This allows the Insulation layer to reduce the amount of thermal conductivity, helping to keep the building warmer and lowering energy bills too. The Insulation was installed in a staggered bond pattern with lightly butted joints and fastened with telescopic tube fasteners in line with the Mechanically Fixed system. This ensures maximum security for the roofing system.

Finally, to complete the project, we opted to install a Sarnafil S327-15EL membrane. This membrane is made from premium-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is polyester reinforced, uses multiple layers and has a proven high performance. This membrane is also UV resistant and flame retardant, as well as being fully weatherproof. This includes a high level of wind resistance. We felt that this would offer the best possible protection for the homes at Boardman Street.


The Results:

A full inspection was carried out on the flat roofing works we had completed, and Sika was very happy with the results.