April 2022 Newsletter

Introducing our New Roofers

We are thrilled to announce we recently had 3 new roofers join our team!

Let me introduce Chandler, Ryan and Gary, two of which are standing in front of our newly designed van.

We have two of them joining us as Site Foremen, and the other as a Fixer.


Recent Secured Projects

We are excited to inform you we have secured a number of projects here at Enviroply Roofing.

These include:

  • Enterprise Zone, Blackpool
  • Warrington and Halton Hospitalas ED Plaza
  • Cheshire College South and West


Enterprise Zone Blackpool

We are delighted to be working on a new development at the Blackpool Enterprise Zone.

Once completed, the EZ Sports Facility will be a brand new £5m sports village at Blackpool Enterprise Zone. Off Common Edge Road in Marton, Blackpool, the development site is 35 acres in total, on which a number of sporting facilities will be created. This will include:

  • a Single-Storey 675m2 changing and spectator facility
  • a 3G sports pitch
  • replacement grass rugby pitch and training area
  • existing car park redevelopment and extension
  • access road alterations

We will be creating a Mechanically Fixed roof for the EZ Sports Facility

The first stage of this project will be the installation of the vapour control layer. As such, we will be installing the IKO Spectravap PE. This is a vapour control layer that provides significant moisture protection and control and is also a cost-effective choice. The Spectravap PE vapour control layer will be loosely laid with the side and end laps, as well as the edges around upstands and kerbs, being overlapped and sealed with Spectravap Jointing Tape.

For the next stage of the installation, we will be installing the insulation. We will be installing the Enertherm GOLD PIR Insulation. This is an insulation board option with seven different layers that when combined into the single product offer maximum thermal efficiency. This insulation board is clad on both sides with a multi-layer gastight aluminium complex which dramatically increases thermal efficiency.

Finally, to complete the roof of the EZ Sports Facility we will be installing the IKO Armourplan P Single Ply Membrane. As one of the highest quality membranes available, the IKO Armourplan P provides a high level of UV stability throughout, while also offering robust, increased tensile strength and a high level of product performance.


Warrington & Halton Hospital ED Plaza

We are happy to announce that we will be working on a major development at Warrington & Halton Hospital ED plaza.

This project is part of a £6.5 million development which will significantly increase the patient assessment capacity within the emergency department in the Hospital in order to manage the rising number of emergency ward admissions.

For this project, our role will be to install 2 new roofs.

Roof 1:
On the first roof which is a concrete deck, we will begin by installing a torch on Vapour Control Layer. Then on top of this we will install the IKO PIR Tapered Insulation scheme, which we will Mechanically fix into place with firmly broken fixings. Finally to complete the roofing system, we will be installing the IKO Armourplan PSG Membrane, which we will be fixing into place by using the Spectrabond Low Foaming PU Adhesive. The Armourplan PSG is a glass tissue reinforced polyester fleece backed PVC Single Ply Membrane. It carries excellent UV resistance, as well as increased durability

Roof 2:
For the second roof which is a metal deck, we will begin by installing the Spectravap PE Vapour Control Layer. This particular Vapour Control layer is made from Polyethylene, and we will be loose laying it over the substrate with the side and end laps overlapped and sealed with butyl jointing tape. Next we will be installing the IKO PIR Tapered scheme, which we will also be Mechanically fixing into place using firmly broken fixings. Finally to complete the roofing system, we will install the IKO Armourplan PSG Membrane, which we will fix into place using the Spectrabond low foaming PU adhesive.


Cheshire College South and West

We are excited to be a part of the Cheshire college south and west development. This project involves the extension refurbishment of a new construction skills Centre at the college.

We will be using a Sika Sarnafil Single Ply roofing system on the project which will be Fully Adhered.

For the first stage of the project we will be installing the Vapour control layer, for which we have chosen to use the Sarnavap 5000E SA. This will be loosely laid across the roof deck with all side and end laps continuously sealed with Sarnavap jointing tape, in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

On top of the vapour control layer, we will then install the 120mm Sarnatherm G Insulation. This particular insulation is faced on both sides with a wet lay coated glass fibre tissue which is autohesively bonded to the insulation core during the manufacturing process.

Finally to complete the roofing system, we will install the Sika Sarnafil G410-15EL F membrane. This will offer a high level of weather and water protection, with ultraviolet light stabilizers and flame retardant for maximum protection. This will be fully adhered to the surface of the insulation layer.


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