September 2023 Newsletter


The Importance of a Guarantee

Trainee Development

The Importance of a Guarantee

What is a guarantee and how important is it?

Flat roof guarantees can vary, with different guarantees offered for separate areas of work, or one single guarantee that secures your entire flat roofing system, including the quality of the workmanship and installation. This is a guarantee that your new roof, or the products used as part of the roof build up, will last for the specified time frame, without needing to be replaced. This provides protection for your roof, and your company, should anything go wrong.

The guarantees we provide can vary depending on the type of roof, and guarantee period required. All our guarantees either come with a 10, 15, 20, or 25-year manufacturers guarantee.

Guarantees are very important for a new roofing system, or even a refurbished roof. It proves the quality of the products used, as well as workmanship. This is crucial as poor products, and bad workmanship will have a real impact on the lifespan of the roof, therefore a guarantee will help to protect yourself as well as our business.

Furthermore, it ensures the right design for your building. The design of the roof can have a detrimental effect on the longevity of your roof. Therefore, a guarantee will cover each part of the design process, again leading to protection for yourself and our own company, should any problems arise.

To read more in-depth about guarantees, check out our news page over on our website.

Trainee Development

We’re really pleased with the progress of our trainee installers.

Danny and Josh have completed their probationary period with us, and we’re delighted to have them on our team.

They will continue their training and development with us, and we have every confidence in them becoming fully trained fixers in the future.

Well done Danny & Josh