Secured Project – Carnatic Road

Carnatic Road
Here at Enviroply Roofing, we will be working with The Barton Group Services to create effective Sika roofing systems for the new property development on Carnatic Road, Liverpool.
Project:              Carnatic Road
Address:            5 Carnatic Road, Liverpool L18 8BY
Architects:         Falconer Chester Hall
Contractor:        Barton Group Services
Roof size:           840 m2
Roof system:     Sika
Installation:        Sarnavap 5000e VCL, Sikatherm® PIR GT T insulation, Sikaplan SGK-18 single ply membrane, Sarnafil® AT-18, Sikatherm® PIR AL Insulation, Sarnafil® TG63-13.

About this project:

The new development at Carnatic Road in Liverpool will see the creation of a 3 storey plus basement residential development. This will have a contemporary aesthetic and will be designed in a villa style, with 18 luxury apartments, including 4 duplex and 2 penthouse apartments, with basement car parking and cycle store. The residential property will be created with red sandstone and grey metal cladding to complement the local environment.

Our role in this project:

Here at Enviroply Roofing, we will be installing the roofing systems for this new property development in Liverpool. This is a complex build with a number of different roofing systems, including:
⦁ a mansard roof
⦁ a third floor roof
⦁ a second floor sedum roof
⦁ a first floor roof
⦁ roof pods for the first and second floor
We will be installing Sika roofing systems for each of these.
For the mansard roof we will begin by installing the Vapour Control Layer (VCL). For this, the Sarnavap 5000e will be used. This is a self adhesive VCL that offers a top quality, non-decaying, flexible option that has a high level of water vapour resistance, perfect for this project.
The roofing system will be built up with the insulation layer. For the mansard roof we will be installing Sikatherm® PIR GT T insulation. These are insulation boards that are glass tissue faced for a very low thermal conductivity and they are also durable and tough.
We will complete the mansard roof by installing the Sikaplan SGK-18 single ply membrane. This is a single ply membrane with a glass fleece inlay which means that it is very stable, as well as being UV resistant and resistant to many environmental influences.
These are the products that will also be used for the first and second floor roof pods.
For the third floor roof we will again be installing the Sarnavap 5000e for the VCL, and Sikatherm® PIR GT T insulation. This will be followed by the single ply membrane to complete the roofing build up. For this roof we will install the Sarnafil® AT-18.
The second floor roof will be a sedum roof and we will be installing the roof system below this. Again this will include the Sarnavap 5000e for the VCL, and we will install Sikatherm® PIR AL Insulation. These are insulation boards that are faced on both sides with aluminium foil, and these offer a minimal level of thermal conductivity and also a high level of strength for longevity and durability. These boards will be installed in a staggered bond pattern in line with the manufacturers guidelines. The roofing build up will be completed with a waterproofing layer, in preparation for the sedum roof to be installed on top. This will be mechanically fixed into position.
For the first floor roof we will be installing the Sarnavap 5000e for the VCL. On top of this we will be installing the insulation layer, for which we will be using the Sikatherm® PIR AL T. This is tapered insulation designed to create the right gradient and fall for the roof. We will then install the Sarnafil® AT-18 as a waterproofing layer, which will then be covered by a final protection layer. This will be the Sarnafil® TG63-13.