Secured Project: The Limes

The limes

Our latest secured project is The Limes development at Didsbury, where we are delighted to be working with D&B Consult Ltd on a stunning redevelopment.


Project:             The Limes

Address:           The Limes, 816 Wilmslow Road, Didsbury, Manchester, M20 2RN

Architects:        Cube Architecture and Design

Contractor:        D&B Consult Ltd

Roof size:          400m2

Roof system:     Sika Sarnafil Single Ply membrane, G410-15EL, Sarnatherm tapered insulation U-Value 0.18, Sarnavap 500E  and 5000E SA vapour control layer

Installation:        Fully Adhered /Warm Roof


About the project

The Limes redevelopment project involves the creation of 15 new apartments and 4 townhouses in the heart of Didsbury Village. The site is within the St James Conservation Area and as such the construction will be sensitive to the original features. The building itself has been empty for 5 years and was previously used as a care home where unsympathetic extensions and alterations were made. These will be removed as part of the redevelopment project.


Our role in the project:

For this project we will be installing fully adhered warm roofing systems for the townhouses and the apartment building.

We will begin by installing the vapour control layer. For this we will be using the Sarnavap 500E, as well as the 5000E, self-adhesive systems. The two different options have been chosen so that each different roof has the best possible vapour control layer. Both the Sarnavap 500E and 5000E offer maximum water vapour resistance, as well as an impressive amount of durability and flexibility. The main difference is the thickness of the layer, with the 500E being 0.15mm thick and the 5000E being 0.60mm thick.

The insulation layer will be created with Sarnatherm tapered insulation, with a U-Value of 0.18. This is an insulation option that is thicker at one end than the other, creating a smooth, subtle gradient on what would otherwise be a flat surface.

To complete the roofing systems, we will install a Sika Sarnafil G410-15EL single ply membrane. This offers a high level of weather and water protection, with ultraviolet light stabilizers and flame retardant for maximum protection. This will be fully adhered to the surface of the insulation layer.