November Newsletter

November Newsletter

Comparison between Blue Roofs and Green Roofs

A Blue Roof is designed to collect rainwater as it falls, and then release this same rainwater slowly and steadily over a 24-hour period. This can be very helpful in areas where flooding and excess water are an issue.

A Green Roof is designed using a Single Ply roofing system, with a mat of vegetation laid across the top to act as a ballast. This is often a sedum mat, as sedums are a type of hardy plant that can thrive in difficult places, like your roof.

If your property is suitable for both a blue roof and a greed roof, then it can be difficult to decide which option you should choose. There are some similarities and differences between both these options, which include:

  • Both types of Roofs can slow down water release
  • Both these roofs are good for the environment
  • Both these roofs can have a cooling effect on your building


Advantages of Blue Roofs

Blue roofs for commercial buildings can be incredibly advantageous. Some advantages include:

  • Reducing the cooling cost for your building

Blue roofs are great at keeping your building at a cool temperature. Therefore, this means that you won’t have to rely on expensive air conditioning within the summer months, meaning you can save on your energy bills.

In addition to this, you can choose a material which amplifies the affect which a blue roof can provide. This means that if you were to choose a light-coloured material for your roof, this will help to reflect light and stop it from absorbing, leading to further cooling affects.

  • Reducing the risk of localised flooding

As you may be aware in recent years, flooding has become a real problem within towns and city center’s which is putting businesses and home owners at risk. This is due to the ground being made from concrete rather than soil etc as it is within more rural areas. As concrete cannot absorb water, this has meant that water hasn’t been able to go anywhere leading to flooding. With the implementation of a blue roof which is designed to hold onto water and slowly release it, this could therefore be a real benefit to yourself as it would reduce the risk of flooding.


Advantages of Green Roofs

Green Roofs are also very advantageous and are definitely a great choice for commercial buildings. Some advantages include:

  • Thermal Efficient

As Green Roofs have a layer of vegetation on top, this can further increase the thermal efficiency for the building. This is due to less heat being able to escape. Green roofs can also be beneficial in the summer months as the plants will help protect the roof from the sun, meaning that the building won’t become too hot.

  • Water and drainage

Green Roofs are able to soak up water as there is a layer of plants on top. The vegetation will take on some of the water, and this will be filtered into the gutters and drains at a slower pace.

  • Aesthetics

A Green Roof really does add interest, vibrancy, and colour to your building. Therefore, this can bring a sense of character and definition to your property and ensure that you stand out among other buildings within the area.






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