Secured Project- Shevington Extra Care

Here at Enviroply Roofing we are delighted to be working with M&Y Maintenance and Construction on the Shevington Extra Care development in Wigan. We will be installing Sikaplan single ply roofing systems for five different roofs as part of the project.
Project:                     Shevington Extra Care
Address:                  Miles Lane, Shevington, WN6 8EW
Architects:               MHA Architects
Contractor:              M&Y Maintenance and Construction
Roof system:            Sikaplan, Light Grey , 20 Year Guarantee Tapered Sarnatherm insulation (Excluding the canopy)

About the development:

This development will see the former Shevington Community Primary School being demolished, and a new property and access road being created. The new property will house 32 self contained apartments, as well as communal facilities. This will become Shevington Extra Care. As an Extra Care housing scheme, the apartments will be available for residents over 55 years of age, to provide accommodation for people with a range of medical and welfare needs. A staff sleep over facility will also be provided for the provision of 24 hour care.

Our role in the project:

Here at Enviroply Roofing, we will be installing 5 roofing systems for the Shevington Extra Care development as well as a canopy roof. The total combined roof size will be 1,457m2, with the largest being 1,013m2. Each roof will have different specifications, depending on need and size.
For Roof A to C, we will start the installation with the Air and Vapour Control Layer (AVCL), for which we will be installing the Sarnavap 500e. This can be a highly beneficial option for any residential property as this provides an exceptional level of water vapour resistance, as well as unrivalled durability and flexibility. As such, this AVCL is perfect for maximum roof longevity and security.
For Roof D and E we will be using a felt VCL layer to provide excellent water vapour resistance.
Sarnatherm tapered insulation will then be installed on top of the AVCL, for Roof A to D. These are tapered insulation boards that can create the necessary gradient for transporting rainwater from the surface of the roof and for preventing pooling and ponding issues. The insulation boards also offer outstanding thermal resistance which is an important consideration for any residential property. These insulation boards can prevent the property from losing heat in the winter, and from gaining too much heat in the summer, which can ultimately lower energy costs, and ensure a comfortable indoor temperature
For roof E, Sarnatherm flat insulation will be installed instead of the tapered insulation.
Finally, all of the roofing systems will be completed with the installation of the Sikaplan single ply membrane in the light grey colour. This will have a 20 year guarantee.