Secured Project- Burnley College Industry Hub North Campus

We are pleased to again be working with John Turner Construction on one of our newest projects: Burnley College Industry Hub North Campus. Here at Enviroply Roofing, we will be installing a mechanically fixed Sikaplan roofing system for the new industry hub building.
Project:               Burnley College Industry Hub North Campus P2
Address:             Burnley College, Princess Way, BB12 0AN
Architects:          ABW Architects
Contractor:         John Turner Construction
Roof size:            1215m2
Roof system:      Sikaplan G 1.8mm , 25 Year Guarantee Tapered Sarnatherm insulation
Installation:        Mechanically Fixed

About the project:

The latest development at Burnley College will see the creation of a new Industry Hub on the North Campus. This will include a new building for teaching and learning, as well as sports pitches with other landscaped elements to help bring nature into the daily life of students.

Our role in the development:

Here at Enviroply Roofing, we will be installing a mechanically fixed Sikaplan roofing system on the new building at Burnley College Industry Hub North Campus. Built to last, this will have a 25 year guarantee and be perfectly designed for local conditions.
We will begin by installing the Vapour Control Layer (VCL), for which we will be using the Sarnavap 500E. This is a well renowned VCL option with a good international reputation thanks to its flexible and durable properties, as well as its high level of water vapour resistance. This makes it a great choice for North Campus development at Burnley College.
Once the VCL layer is complete, we will then be installing the insulation layer. For this project we will be using  tapered Sarnatherm insulation to create the perfect gradient for the flat roof. These are insulation boards that have a foam core and fibre reinforced felt facers, creating an insulation layer that is durable, resistant and lightweight, with a high level of strength.This also offers a high level of thermal resistance, reducing heat loss from the homes in the winter.
We will complete the roofing build up with the installation of the waterproofing single ply membrane. For this, the Sikaplan G-18 Membrane has been selected. This is a polyester reinforced, multi-layer, synthetic roof waterproofing option that is 1.8mm thick for permanent wind and environmental resistance, a high level of UV resistance, and a high water vapour permeability. This will be mechanically fixed into place for security and longevity.