Secured Project- Elm Wood Primary School

Here at Enviroply Roofing we will be working again with PLP Construction, on the development at Elm Wood Primary School, Middleton. For this, we will be installing a mechanically fixed Sikaplan, single ply roofing system.
Project:                 Elm Wood Primary School
Address:               Elm Wood Primary School, Middleton, Manchester
Architects:            Rochdale BC
Contractor:           PLP Construction
Roof size:             385m2
Roof system:       Sikaplan G-18 Lead Grey, 20 Year Guarantee Sarnatherm 150mm insulation
Installation:         Mechanically Fixed

About the project:

The development at Elm Wood Primary School will see the creation of a new dining hall and kitchen. This updated building will provide space for 15 classes of primary school children to enjoy lunch in space, in a fresh and welcoming environment.

Our role in the project:

Here at Enviroply Roofing, we are the leading single ply roofing experts across the North West. As a result, we will be installing a mechanically fixed, Sikaplan single ply roofing system for the new building at Elm Wood Primary School.
We will begin the construction with the installation of the Air and Vapour Control Layer (AVCL). For this project, we will be installing the Sarnavap® 500 E, which is an AVCL that offers exceptional moisture vapour resistance, as well as fire resistance and longevity. This is a fantastic option for this development, as this will keep the roof protected from water damage through condensation build up, while also providing durability and roof stability.
Following the AVCL layer, we will then install the insulation layer. This is responsible for keeping heat within the property during colder months, and preventing heat from increasing the temperature within the property in the summer. For this development, we will be installing Sarnatherm 150mm insulation boards. These are designed for exceptional thermal efficiency and outstanding compression strength. These will be mechanically fixed into position.
We will complete the roofing system for this development with the installation of the single ply waterproofing membrane. For this we will use the Sikaplan G-18 membrane. This high quality single ply membrane option is a synthetic, multi-layer sheet with a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) base. This also contains ultraviolet light stabilisers and is flame retardant. This will have a 20 Year Guarantee, due to the longevity and quality of this single ply membrane.