Secured Project-Seedley

Here at Enviroply Roofing we are pleased to be working with AEDI Construction to install a mechanically fixed Sikaplan® G-15 roofing system for the new development in Seedley, Salford.
Project:             Seedley
Address:            Seedley, Salford
Architects:          BDP
Contractor:          AEDI Construction
Roof size:           2044 m2
Roof system:      Sikaplan Single Ply Membrane
Installation:         Sikaplan® G-15 membrane, Sikaplan® SGmA membrane

About the project:

The development at Seedley in Salford aims to create an eco neighbourhood with a variety of home options, promoting sustainable low energy living.
Designed with community cohesion and spirit in mind, the design of the properties will echo the layout of the terraced streets in the surrounding area, keeping with the local character.
While some of the new homes will be available for market sale, others will be affordable, social and Rent to Buy properties.

Our role in the development at Seedley:

For this project we will be installing single ply membrane systems for both the main roof and the balconies for the new homes.
For the main roof we will be installing the Sikaplan® G-15 membrane in light/lead grey. This is a single ply membrane that offers a wide range of benefits including outstanding UV and wind resistance, and a high water vapour permeability. This membrane is PVC based with a strong level of durability and longevity.
The membrane will be mechanically fixed to the metal roof deck according to manufacturer’s guidelines and regulations, with the membrane being loosely laid and fastened at a 90° angle to the deck corrugations.
For balconies, the installation of a waterproofing membrane is essential for protection from decay and damage, and is an essential as part of the building regulations and British Standards. For the balconies at the development at Seedley in Salford we will be installing the Sikaplan® SGmA membrane. This is a synthetic, multi-layer, waterproofing sheet, made of premium-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with inlay of glass non-woven. This is a great option for this development as it provides a high level of stability and a strong level of resistance to penetration, micro-organisms and mechanical and environmental factors. This is a membrane that is specifically formulated for use in below grade applications, including balconies, and is sure to give long lasting and high quality results.