Secured Project- Moor Lane

Secured project- Moor Lane
We are delighted to be working with AEDI Construction on the Moor Lane development in Bolton, where we will install a Sikaplan Single Ply roofing system.
Project:              Former Moor Lane Bus Station
Address:            Moor Lane, Bolton
Architects:         AEW Architects
Contractor:        AEDI Construction
Roof size:           5000 m2
Roof system:     Sikaplan Single Ply Membrane
Installation:        Sarnavap 500E VCL, Sikatherm PIR AL, Sikaplan G-15 Membrane, mechanically fixed

About the project:

The development at Moor Lane in Bolton will involve the creation of 162 flats and 44 three-storey, three-bed houses, along with retail space and two small parks. The retail space will occupy the ground floor of some of the apartment blocks, creating a vibrant, multi-use development that will effectively combine living and leisure space in Bolton City Centre.

Our role in the project:

For this project our team here at Enviroply Roofing will be installing the roofing system for the houses on this development, as well as Blocks 3 and 4. Longevity, durability and build quality are important factors to consider for this type of housing development and a mechanically fixed, Sikaplan roofing system will be the perfect choice.
For the vapour control layer we will be installing the Sarnavap 500E, a flexible and durable VCL that offers a high level of water vapour resistance. This is one of the most popular vapour control layers available, suitable for a wide range of buildings and developments, including residential housing.
One top of the VCL, we will be installing the insulation. For this project we will be using the Sikatherm PIR AL insulation boards. These boards are faced on both sides with aluminium composite foil, which is bonded to the core, creating an insulation layer that is durable, resistant and lightweight, with a high level of strength.This also offers a high level of thermal resistance, reducing heat loss from the homes in the winter, and keeping the houses cooler in the summer.
Finally, we will be installing the Sikaplan G-15 Membrane. This single ply membrane offers a high level of UV resistance, permanent wind resistance, environmental resistance and a high water vapour permeability.
The roofing system will be mechanically fixed into place in accordance with all relevant and necessary guidelines and regulations.