Secured Project Firwood School

Secured Project Firwood School

We are delighted to be working on a new project at Firwood School in Bolton, where we will be installing a new extension roof.

Project: Firwood School

Address: Firwood High School, Stitch-mi-Lane, Bolton, BL2 4HU

Architects: BGH

Contractor: F Parkinson

Roof size: 460m2

Roof system: Sika Sarnafil Single Ply Roof, G410-18EL, Tapered Sika PIR GT Insulation, Sarnavap HD

SA vapour control layer.

Installation: Fully Adhered

Project overview

This project involves a new roof build for an extension being constructed at Firwood High School. This extension will allow the school to increase capacity and accept an increased number of students.

Our role in the project

For this project we will be building an entirely new roof for the new extension at Firwood High School. This will involve:

Creating a new roof deck- for this project a new roof deck will be installed. This will be a precast concrete deck using concrete planks that are seeded or grouted with a flat finish without ridges and bumps.

Installing a vapour control layer- for the next stage of this extension roof we will be installing a Sarnavap HD self-adhesive vapour control layer. This is a heavy-duty vapour control option that is proven to be highly effective and very durable. The Sarnavap HD is made from polymer modified bitumen, sand finished with an aluminium composite and glass combination inlay.

Installing tapered insulation- For the next part of the roof build up, we will install tapered Sika PIR GT Insulation. This is the perfect option for this roof project, with the tapered design creating the perfect gradient for safe rainwater run-off.

Installing a Sika Sarnafil single ply roof membrane- finally, we will complete the project with a Sika Sarnafil G410-18EL single ply membrane. This is a long lasting, high performing single ply roofing option that is formulated for effective use in all climates and weather conditions.

This roof will be fully adhered which means that the layers will be bonded using premium quality adhesive in line with manufacturers guidance and recommendations. The roof will be designed to withstand heavy wind conditions and uplift and will ensure full weather protection.