The Importance of a Guarantee for your Flat Roof

Importance of a Guarantee for your Flat Roof

As the North West’s leading commercial and industrial flat roofing experts, here at Enviroply Roofing, we provide high quality single ply roof systems for a range of properties; all our work is guaranteed by the manufacturer. But why is this guarantee so important?

What is a guarantee for your flat roof?

Flat roof guarantees can vary, with different guarantees offered for separate areas of work, or one single guarantee that secures your entire flat roofing system, including the quality of the workmanship and installation. This is a guarantee that your new roof, or the products used as part of the roof build up, will last for the specified time frame, without needing to be replaced. This provides protection for your roof, and your company, should anything go wrong.

How important is a guarantee?

A legal and professional guarantee is particularly important for any new roofing system, or even a roof refurbishment project. This is because:

⦁ A guarantee proves quality

⦁ A guarantee ensures the right design for your building

A flat roof guarantee can prove quality

A full manufacturers guarantee on a flat roofing project guarantees not only the quality of the materials used, but also the workmanship too. As many insurance companies claim, flat roofs can encounter issues in the first one or two years after installation. This is incredibly poor when compared to the 20-30 years of longevity the roof should have. One of the main reasons that this occurs is due to poor workmanship, and as a result, roofing projects that are not guaranteed for build quality, or by the manufacturer, are much more likely to encounter problems and issues far earlier into the life of the roof. In contrast, a guarantee proves the quality of your new roof, and roofing system, including the workmanship. This is what we can offer here at Enviroply Roofing.

A flat roof guarantee can ensure effective design

The second most common cause of early failure for a flat roofing system is a problem or issue with the design itself. This can include:

⦁ Poor wind uplift design- the wind uplift calculations need to be absolutely correct to ensure that your flat roof system is fully secure in all weather conditions, and to prevent lift and uplift. Any mistakes with these calculations can spell disaster for your new roof. A manufacturer’s guarantee will involve checking these calculations against the finished product, and only a roof that meets the requirements will be guaranteed.

⦁ Condensation risk analysis- another major factor in the lifespan of any new roof is the role of moisture or dampness. Condensation is the usual culprit of this in any roof, and that’s why choosing the right vapour control layer, and installing this appropriately, is so important. A full system guarantee can prove that this has been carried out correctly and protect your company should issues arise.

⦁ Tapered design- one of the other common issues for any flat roof is standing water or ponding on the roof. Tapered design takes into account the structure of the building and involves creating a gradient so that the rainwater can be quickly and efficiently directed off the roof and into the appropriate drainage system. This is another design factor that is covered by a full guarantee.

Our work is fully guaranteed here at Enviroply Roofing

Here at Enviroply Roofing, any flat roof that we install has a 10-, 15-, 20- or 25-year manufacturers guarantee. This means that should any of the materials used as part of your flat roof design fail before the guaranteed time, your company will be protected. This is subject to some conditions. On completion of our commercial flat roofing systems, the full project is inspected by the manufacturer inspector, before the guarantee is given, and we are often commended on the quality of build work and installation.

For more information or advice about flat roofing for your commercial or industrial property, from a professional team with fully guaranteed services, get in touch with Enviroply Roofing today.