Design considerations for single ply roofing on apartment buildings

single ply roofing on apartment buildings

Single ply roofing systems have become increasingly popular in recent years as a cost-effective and durable solution for flat roof construction. When it comes to apartment buildings in the UK, there are a number of key design considerations that must be taken into account to ensure that the roofing system is fit for purpose and meets all relevant regulations. So what are the design considerations for single ply roofing on apartment buildings? And what should you bear in mind?

(The above image was taken on site when we installed the roof for the development at Vernon Street)


What are the important design considerations for single ply roofing on apartment buildings?

There are a number of different design considerations to take into account when creating a single ply roof for a new apartment building, and these include:

  • Visual design elements and detailing
  • Weather and environmental protection
  • Energy efficiency
  • Roof access
  • Regulations and requirements


Visual design elements and detailing

The appearance of the roofing system is an important consideration for many apartment buildings across the UK, especially when the roof is visible from surrounding buildings or public areas, or when the roof needs to complement the existing architecture styles. This is why single ply roofing materials are available in a range of colours and finishes, allowing for a customized appearance that can enhance the overall aesthetic of the building.

As part of the visual design you should consider the edges and detailing. Buildings with properly finished edges don’t just have a positive practical impact, meeting regulations and standards and reducing water damage to walls, but these also create a professional and stylish finish for any apartment building. Detailing ensures that complex areas of the roof, such as the areas around corner joints with gutters and metal flashing sections are fully waterproofed and finished to the same high standard as the rest of the roof space. For more information about detailing, take a look at our informative guide.

When thinking about the visual design elements of any single ply roof, it is also important to mention standing seams. These can provide a high end and contemporary finish for any building, with a style that mirrors metal roofing in visual design, while bringing all of the practical benefits of single ply.

When it comes to visual design elements and detailing for apartment buildings, we have extensive experience here at Enviroply Roofing. For the development at Vernon Street in Ashton Under-Lyne for example, we installed a highly effective roofing system with Alkorplan standing seam profiles for a stylish and attractive visual design. For the development at Pine Street, Bury, we ensured that the roof was finished to a high standard with membrane coated perimeter trims installed to each of the parapet tops.

Weather and environmental protection for single ply roofing on apartment buildings

Another important factor to consider is the weather and environmental protection. All single ply roof membranes offer impressive UV protection but specific weather patterns will need to be considered. This is because different areas of the UK will have different localised weather patterns, which will need to be taken into account when selecting the appropriate roofing material. For example, areas that experience heavy rainfall or high winds may require a more robust roofing system that can withstand these conditions. This could even determine the installation type for the single ply roofing system.

High winds can cause uplift forces that can damage or even displace roofing systems, and this is an essential factor to consider. As such, any single ply roofing systems for apartment buildings should be designed to resist wind uplift forces, with appropriate fasteners, adhesive or anchoring systems to ensure that the roofing material stays securely in place.


Energy efficiency design considerations for single ply roofing for apartment buildings

Energy efficiency is an important factor for any apartment building owner, as well as tenants, as this can have a direct impact on the cost of energy bills. When it comes to the roof build up for an apartment building, single ply roofing can be incredibly energy efficient due to the warm roofing system. This allows the insulation layer to effectively prevent the loss of heat through the roof space, keeping the building warmer in the cold weather, and cooler in the summer. When choosing an insulation layer, it is important to be familiar with the U Value ratings.

A property with energy efficient design is highly appealing to buyers and tenants due to the reduced carbon footprint, the reduced energy bills, and the long term building sustainability. As a result, when choosing the components of your single ply roof during the design stage, you should opt for those that will provide increased energy efficiency.


Roof access and design considerations

The purpose of the roof space on your apartment building can have a big impact on the design of the roof itself. At the very least access is likely to be required for maintenance or repairs and the design of the roofing system should take this into account. This may involve the addition of access hatches or walkways to ensure that the roof can be safely accessed by maintenance personnel.

If the roof space will be used to create a roof terrace or garden slave for your tenants to enjoy, this will require additional planning and design to ensure compliance with regulations and to promote safety. Take a look at our recent guide for more information and details regarding this approach.

Regulations and requirements

While the above considerations play an important role in the design and practicality of any single ply roof, it is essential that the building regulations and requirements are taken into account. These can include:

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