Combining roof coverings on flat roofs

Here at Enviroply, we are leading flat roofing professionals. From apartment buildings to commercial sites and even schools, we have the knowledge, training and expertise to handle any roofing project, and we always deliver top quality results. As such, we can provide a range of flat roof coverings to meet any roofing requirement. And this is our guide to everything you should know about combining roof coverings on flat roofs.


What are the different roof covering options for flat roofs?

There are a number of different types of flat roof coverings that can be very beneficial for flat roofs of all shapes and sizes. These different types of roof covering include:

  • Different types of felt roof- including built up felt roofing
  • PVC single ply membranes
  • TPO single ply membranes
  • Hot melt roofing
  • Cold applied liquid waterproofing

Single ply membranes are often the best and most effective option for any flat roof building, but on occasion you may need to combine different roof coverings in different areas to create the perfect results.


When is it appropriate to mix roof coverings on a flat roof?

Using a combination of different roof coverings can be a good idea for a number of situations including:

  • Creating a roof patio or walkway- if you want to create a rooftop walkway it’s important that a number of safety considerations are taken into account including the anti-slip nature of the walking surface. While a single ply roof membrane is a practical option for the rest of the roof, you may want to consider liquid waterproofing with a specific anti-slip property for certain areas. This can be very beneficial for small balconies as well.
  • Where complex detailing restricts the application of a single ply membrane- some roof details are just so small and fiddly that applying a single ply roof membrane is not always possible. For these areas liquid waterproofing can be a great idea, providing the weather proofing and waterproofing that is needed, without compromising the overall visual quality of your roof structure.

Why should you consider mixing flat roofing materials?

Using a mixture of flat roofing materials can provide a range of advantages and benefits for some roofing projects. These can include:

  • Improving the cost efficiency-utilising costly materials in areas of high visibility, and combining these with lower cost appropriate and effective roofing materials in less visible areas can be a great way to improve the cost efficiency of your new flat roof.
  • Improving performance- using the most effective roof coverings for the particular role in hand will always improve the performance of your roof overall. In some situations, like those outlined above, mixing roof coverings can be the better option for performance.
  • Improving visual results– it is not only practical to combine roof coverings in certain situations but it is also a great way to improve the overall aesthetics of your roof. Different roof coverings can create contrasting areas of visual interest on your roof, while combining roof coverings for small details can ensure that your roof has a stunning and stylish result .
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