Advantages of using tapered insulation.

Here at Enviroply Roofing, we are Lancashire’s leading flat roofing experts, specialising in commercial and industrial roofing. We work with companies and businesses around Lancashire and the North West, to deliver the highest quality, effective flat roofing solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide for everything you need to know about tapered insulation.


What is tapered insulation?

Tapered insulation is a type of roof insulation that is tapered towards one end creating a very gradual, but imperceptible gradient. This is a fantastic and effective way to create falls for your flat roof.


Why should a flat roof never be flat?

A flat roof should never be fully and truly flat. This is because water needs to be efficiently channeled and drained away, preventing standing water and ponding problems. If standing water does accumulate on a roof, this will add additional weight to the roof, causing structural roof deck problems.  It can also freeze in winter months causing a potential health and safety hazard, which could lead to a reduction for the lifespan of the waterproofing roof layer. As a result, it is important that any flat roof has a slight gradient, or an effective draining method.


What are the advantages of using tapered insulation?

There are several advantages and benefits for using tapered insulation for any flat roof project. These include:

  • Draining water effectively
  • Reducing overall build cost for some projects
  • Effective for complex falls
  • Effective roof refurbishment

Tapered insulation can drain water effectively.

Tapered insulation is a straightforward way to add the required gradient or fall to your roof. This is designed to allow appropriate water channeling to drainage outlets, without needing to make structural changes to the roof.


Tapered insulation can help to reduce the build cost.

Adding structural falls to your roof can be a more expensive and be a costly process compared to using tapered insulation. Structural falls generally take longer to install and create, and involve more site traffic on the roof, as more people are needed to complete the installation.


Tapered insulation is effective for complex falls.

Tapered insulation is an effective solution for creating complex falls on any flat roof property. From rainwater outlets to unusual roof shapes, some roofing projects can be more complicated than others, and tapered insulation offers the flexibility to resolve this. The tapered insulation can be cut to size and shape, for even the most awkward of angles. Cross falls can also be created effectively too.


Tapered insulation is effective for roof refurbishments.

If your roof needs refurbishing, rather than replacing, tapered insulation can be a great option. This is a lightweight option that can dramatically improve roof drainage for your existing roof.

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