Case Study: Norfolk Street (Sika)

Norfolk Street

Project: Norfolk Street, Liverpool
Product: Sika Sarnafil Single Ply


About the Project:

The Norfolk Street project involved the development of a luxury apartment block in the center of Liverpool. For this project we needed to create two roofs on two different levels.


Key challenges:

The Norfolk Street roofing project was a tricky one, offering unique challenges:

Because we were creating a cold roof here, we needed to install and seal mushroom vents to prevent the opportunity for condensation.

Strong wind was a challenge in this location due to the building being close to the docks and 10 storeys up. We needed to carefully risk access and ensure that we could remain safe while working at heights.


The System:

For this roofing project we created a timber roof deck designed to meet the structural requirements of the luxury apartment building and used a mechanically fixed roofing system.

We also opted for a Sika Sarnafil S 327-15 EL Membrane which was machine welded. Made from top quality PVC and reinforced with polyester, this membrane is a fantastic option for residential properties. Not only does this membrane have a proven record of top performance over decades, but it is also UV resistant and resistant to consistent wind exposure. 


The Result:

On completion of the Norfolk Street roofing project:

⦁ All work was fully inspected by the manufacturer field technician and an independent electronic integrity tester. Both were incredibly happy with the work and commented on the exceptional standard.
⦁ All works were completed ahead of schedule and the client was very happy with the result.