Case Study: Melody Gardens (IKO)

Melody Gardens

Client: Watson homes
Project: Melody Gardens
Size: 1000m2
Product: IKO Armourplan


About the Project:

The Melody Gardens project was a new build development of 48 luxury apartments in Salford. These homes have been designed to add social value, and all are allocated via the Local Authorities Choice Based Lettings system to Salford residents who are in housing need. This is a landmark social project worth £6M.


The System:

For this new build roofing project we created a mechanically fixed roof using an IKO Armourplan single ply membrane. We began with a high quality vapour control barrier designed to prevent the build up of condensation.

We then opted for a 180mm PIR silverback insulation board, to offer the maximum thermal efficiency. This was mechanically installed using an IKO tube washer and screw system. This ensures maximum security and ensures that the roof is prepared to withstand heavy wind, offering high quality longevity.

Finally, we completed the project by installing the IKO Armourplan P single ply membrane. This is a single ply membrane that is designed more effectively for mechanical installation when compared to other PVC single ply membrane options. The IKO Armourplan P is also completely UV resistant and offers a high level of tensile strength.


The Result:

On completion of the Melody Gardens roofing project:

⦁ The roof was fully inspected by the manufacturer and the works met the requirement for the 15 year guarantee.
⦁ The roof was also electronically tested. Both the inspectors commented on the quality of the workmanship and on how great the finish was.
⦁ All the work was completed ahead of schedule and the client was extremely happy.