Case Study- Bryan House

Project:                Bryan House

Address:              Bryan House, Wigan

Contractor:          Hurstwood Holdings

Roof size:             880 m2

Roof system:       Protan Vacuum System

Installation:         Protan Vacuum System EX Fleece Backed Single Ply Membrane, Protan SE membrane perimeter flashings, Protan 90mm refurbishment roof drains, Protan weathering, Protan step flashings, Protan vacuum vent and collar


About the Bryan House development:

The Bryan House building in Wigan is well known as being the previous home of Maximes nightclub, but this has recently been developed into 47 one bedroom apartments with a high end finish and a stylish design throughout. With a central location, CCTV, and a secure parcel room, these apartments are incredibly desirable. Here at Enviroply Roofing, we were selected to install the roofing system for this development.


The roofing system for Bryan House:

As leading roofing experts, we installed a Protan Vacuum Roofing system for the Bryan House development, with the installation commencing on the twelfth of June 2023.

The Proton Vacuum system is a unique option that uses wind forces present in the environment to hold the Protan membrane in place. This is achieved by loose laying the membrane onto the roof deck and using strategically placed mechanical fasteners around the perimeter of the roof, to create a durable and protected roofing system. The Proton vacuum vents act as pressure-release valves, allowing for air to flow through and out of the system. This is the perfect option for withstanding windy conditions and storms in the long term.

We began our installation of the Proton Vacuum system with the EX Fleece Backed Single Ply Membrane. This is a specially-produced PVC membrane that has a polyester fleece laminated to its reverse side, for increased longevity, efficiency and durability. This also has a high fire rating for increased safety, and for meeting regulatory standards.

The Proton Vacuum System EX Fleece Backed Single Ply Membrane was installed alongside the Protan SE membrane, which was adhered into position on membrane coated metal upstands, to create effective perimeter flashings.

Protan 90mm refurbishment roof drains were also installed in line with manufacturer’s requirements, and Protan weathering was installed to outlet drains through raised roof upstands and existing mushroom vent/pipe/anchor points.

In addition, Protan step flashings were also installed from the raised roof to the upper roof for a high quality result and to ensure roofing durability and longevity.

To complete the roofing system, we installed a Protan vacuum vent and collar. This is an essential part of the roofing system, especially in terms of functionality. The Protan vacuum vent and collar is designed to suck air out of the system through the one way valve, to create a vacuum to hold the Protan membrane in place. The more the wind blows, the more air that will gather between the Protan membrane and the air-tight structural roof deck, allowing more air to be removed for a tighter hold. As a result, in very windy weather, or storms, the vacuum system will keep the roof fully secure.


The result at Bryan House:

Overall, the installation of the new roofing system was carried out without problem, although this was a relatively new system for us to use. The installation was completed on the 21st of July, 2023, to a very high standard, achieving the 20 Year guarantee.