January 2024 Newsletter


Secured Project Bindloss Avenue

Secured Project Burnley College

Secured Project Bindloss Avenue

We are pleased to announce that we will be working with Ashcroft House (Monton) Ltd, to install a Sikaplan roofing system for the Bindloss Avenue residential development in Eccles.

The first part of the installation will involve laying the vapour control layer; for this, we will be using the Sarnavap 5000E SA. Following on, we will install the insulation layer for which we will use Tapered Sikatherm® MW (DD) Insulation boards.

Finally, the roofing system for the development will be completed with the installation of the Sikaplan G-15 waterproof membrane inlead grey. This is a membrane that is polyester reinforced and offers an array of benefits including UV irradiation resistance, wind exposure resistance, and durability.

Secured project Burnley College

We are pleased to be working with John Turner Construction, on the refurbishment of the Burnley College University Building, this will see three new floors being added vertically to the existing single storey building.This will provide space for new additional teaching spaces, as well as additional breakout areas, storage facilities and a new server room.
For the main roof we will be installing a Sikaplan roofing system, this will see the use of Sarnavap 500e VCL, tapered Sarnatherm insulation, and Sikaplan SG 1.8mm single ply membrane.

The canopy roofs will follow the same build up as the main roofs, completing with the installation of the Sikaplan SGK 1.8mm membrane.