Staycity Apartments, Mason Street

Staycity Apartments, Mason Street

Providing high quality, stylish and safe roofing is something we excel at here at Enviroply Roofing. Due to our dedication to quality, we secured our bid to provide the roofing for the £17m development of Staycity Apartments in Mason Street, Manchester.


Project details:

Project:           Staycity Apartments, Mason Street
Address:         Staycity Apartments, Mason Street, Manchester, M4 5EG
Architects:      Simpsonhaugh
Contractor:     Bardsley Construciton
Roof size:      1000m2
Roof system: Sika Sarnafil Single Ply Roof, Man-safe System, Aluminium Capping System
Installation:    Mechanically Fixed


Project Overview:

The development of the Staycity Apartments on Mason Street aims to create an eight story, 224-bed aparthotel which will be a key part of Manchester’s New Cross Neighbourhood Development Framework.

Inside the building, architects and designers are creating 48 one bedroomed and 176 studio apartments, all of which will be taken care of by the Staycity Aparthotel brand. The building will also boast a café, reception, laundry and a gym.
The outside of the building has been designed to create a contrast between the young and old, with a light buff coloured brick cladding to contrast with the historic red brick in the surrounding area. This helps to create a dramatic and stylish new build that fits in with the surroundings but doesn’t seek to mimic older styles.


Our role in the project:

Here at Enviroply Roofing, our role in this project was to create a roof that would meet both the practical requirements, as well as the aesthetic aims. We opted for a Sika Sarnafil Single Ply Roof, using tapered insulation to provide the falls and completed the parapets by fully encapsulating and finished with a membrane coated drip edge trim. This was installed using mechanical fixings to ensure that the roof would be durable, resilient and secure for years ahead, no matter the weather conditions. It also means that the roof will need minimal maintenance, and will be easy to look after, keeping maintenance costs down.


Progress so far:

Construction on this project is expected to be completed by December 2019.