Secured Project: Lees Street

lees street roofing

Here at Enviroply Roofing, we are thrilled to continue working with Watson Homes on a new project at the Lees Street Development; installing a new Single Ply, Mechanically Fixed roofing system.


Project:           Lees Street Development

Address:         Lees Street Development, Ashton Old Road, Manchester, M11 1ND

Architects:       John McCall Architects

Contractor:      Watson Homes

Roof size:        215m2

Roof system:   Sika Sarnafil

Installation:      Sika Sarnafil S327-15EL lead grey membrane, Mechanically Fixed, Sarnavap 500E VCL, Sikatherm PIR AL Insulation, Warm Roof system used


About the Project:

The Lees Street project is part of a stunning new development in Openshaw, called The Whitworths. This is a development that is creating 34 new properties across two sites, Columbine Street and Lees Street.

Spanning two streets, the 34 new properties will include a mix of 2 and 3 bedroomed homes and properties available for shared ownership. Within a 5-minute walk to the nearest train station, and just 2 miles east of Manchester City Centre, the area is proving very popular. In the immediate area there are a range of local amenities available, including high quality schools, world class sports facilities, and plenty of parks and green spaces.


Our role in the Project:

Here at Enviroply Roofing, we are creating a new Single Ply, Mechanically Fixed Warm roofing system for the Lees Street project.

The first stage of this new roof installation will be the installation of the vapour control layer. For this we will be using the Sarnavap 500E. The vapour control layer is one of the key components for a successful single ply roof, as this is installed to prevent any issues with rotting and decomposition, caused by trapped moisture. The vapour control layer limits the flow of moisture into and through the roof, preventing condensation from building up, and keeping the roof safe from damage. The Sarnavap 500E is created by industry leading manufacturers Sika and is one of the top vapour control layers on the market. This offers increased durability and flexibility for long lasting roof security and provides maximum water vapour resistance.

Once the vapour control layer has been installed, we will then be installing the insulation layer. For any property, large or small, using effective and correct insulation is one of the most important factors for a Single Ply roof. The aim for any insulation is to prevent the heat from being lost through the large open roof space, and to maximise the thermal efficiency of the building. That’s why we will be using the Sikatherm PIR AL Insulation for the Lees Street project. This is an insulation board that is faced on both sides with a composite foil bonded to the insulation core, providing maximum effectiveness for the reduction of heat loss and transfer out of the roof. This light weight, high compression insulation is incredibly durable and tough, and will be laid in a staggered bond pattern with lightly butted joints. These will be fastened with telescopic tube fasteners, as part of the Mechanically Fixed roofing system.

Finally, the roof at the Lees Street project will be completed with the Sika Sarnafil S327-15EL lead grey Single Ply membrane. This is one of the leading Single Ply membranes available, of the highest quality. In any roofing construction, the single ply membrane is the final stage, designed to waterproof, weatherproof, and protect the entire roofing system from damage. As the only visible roofing detail, it’s also important that the single ply membrane adds aesthetic value to the property too. The Sarnafil S327-15EL can provide all of this, offering a high level of weather and water protection, with ultraviolet light stabilizers and flame retardant for maximum protection. The Single Ply membrane will be Mechanically Fixed in place, completing the roof.