Secured Project- Hallsworth Road

Hallsworth Road

Here at Enviroply Roofing we are pleased to be working with Bridgestone Construction to install a mechanically fixed Sikaplan® G-15 roofing system for the Hallsworth Road development in Eccles.


Project:              Hallsworth Road


Address:            Hallsworth Road, Eccles, M30 7LS


Architects:         JDA Architects


Contractor:         Bridgestone Construction


Roof size:            1704 m2


Roof system:       Sikaplan Single Ply Membrane


Installation:          S-Vap 500 E, Sikatherm® PIR GT, Sikaplan® G-15 membrane, mechanically fixed


About the project:

The Hallsworth Road development in Eccles will see the The Salford City Roosters Rugby League Clubhouse demolished to make way for a new housing development. This will include 18 houses and 30 apartments.These will be a combination of 30 one and two-bedroom apartments as well as four two-bedroom bungalows, and 14 two and three bedroom houses.

Our role in the project:

Here at Enviroply Roofing, our role in this project will involve creating a mechanically fixed, durable and long lasting roofing system for the new apartment block. The roof build up will follow the Sika specific guidelines and specifications for the best possible results.

To begin, we will install the vapour control layer (VCL). For the Hallsworth Road development, this will be the S-Vap 500 E. This is a VCL that is designed for high quality results and exceptional durability to maximise the roof system longevity. As such, this is one of the leading options for VCLs across the UK. The S-Vap 500E boasts one of the highest levels of water resistance and as a result, this can be very effective for protecting against condensation and roof moisture damage.

On top of the VCL, we will then be installing the insulation layer. This is essential for thermal control and for maximum building efficiency. For this project, Sikatherm PIR GT Insulation will be used. These are insulation boards that are glass tissue faced to maximise the thermal efficiency and reduce thermal conductivity in the roof space, allowing the building to retain heat in the winter, and preventing heat increase in the summer. The glass tissue is fully bonded to the insulation core for a solid, robust and durable insulation option.

To complete the roofing installation, we will install the Sikaplan® G-15 membrane which is a Polymeric membrane made of multiple polyester reinforced layers. This synthetic roof waterproofing sheet, based on premium-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is perfect for mechanically fastened roofing systems. This is an outstanding option for the Hallsworth Road development due to its impressive UV resistance, wind resistance, environmental resistance, and High water vapour permeability.