Refurbishment – Middleton Campus

Hopewood Hall College 2

Client: Hopwood Hall College

Project: Refurbishment of the roof at the Middleton Campus

Size: 900m2

Product: IKO Armourplan

About the Project:

Hopwood Hall College is set across 2 campuses in Greater Manchester offering vocational further education courses to both school leavers and adults.

The refurbishment of the existing felt roof at the Middleton campus was approx. 900m2 in size and included the build up of a new substrate, replacement of rooflights and the refurbishment of separate roof areas connected by distinct ‘pods’.  The project was to achieve a 20 year guarantee as required by the client.


The key challenges:

The existing roof was deficient in several areas, not least around the old rooflights which had deteriorated causing failures at the junctions with the bituminous waterproofing layer.

The project was a challenge for a number of reasons: the detailing required around the new rooflights was particularly complex; the roof was made up of separate areas connected by ‘pods’ meaning a high level of accuracy was required to give these details a sharp and tidy look; the building was in use during the works so there was a consideration of noise and disruption; and storage space for materials on site was extremely limited.


The System:

On the main roof areas, we created a new substrate using plywood deck and IKO Enertherm PIR Insulation boards, which were overlaid with IKO Armourplan PSG singly ply membrane.

We refurbished the ‘pods’ using the same IKO Enertherm PIR Insulation boards, then fully adhered IKO Armourplan P membrane to fully encapsulate each pod.

The high level of detailing around the rooflights was achieved using IKO Armourplan P membrane.


The Result:

We delivered an attractive and aesthetically pleasing single ply refurbishment roof solution.  Our team employed their skills and high quality workmanship to deal with the complex detailing required to achieve the sharp and tidy result.

All the work was completed during normal business hours, with minimal disruption to building users and ahead of schedule. The installation met the standards required by the manufacturer for the 20 year guarantee.