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Mechanically Fixed Single Ply Roofing Systems

Vernon Street Case Study

The development at Vernon Street in Ashton-Under-Lyne saw the creation of 24 affordable one bedroom apartments.

Working with Watson Homes we were selected to install a mechanically fixed roofing system for this development.

For the first stage of the installation, we loosely laid the Alumasc Polyethlene AVCL vapour control layer, this would be mechanically fixed into position at a later stage. The overlaps on this vapour control layer were jointed with Alumasc butyl tape for additional security and protection.

Once the vapour control layer was in place, we then installed the insulation layer. For this layer, 200mm Alumasc FF PIR insulation was used.

To complete the roofing build up, we installed the single ply waterproof membrane, we used the Alkorplan F PVC single ply membrane by Alumasc in dark grey colour. Finally, we installed the Alkorplan standing seam profiles to create a stylish and attractive visual design for the roof.

This was a challenging yet extremely rewarding project, everyone involved was happy with the results, and the roof met the standards set for a 20-year guarantee.



What are Mechanically Fixed, Single Ply Roof Systems?

Well, a mechanically fixed Single Ply roof system is held in place using mechanical fastenings. These secure the Single Ply Membrane, over the top of the insulation and vapour control layer and are fastened in place to the roof deck.

The number of fasteners required to secure the singly ply roofing membrane, and insulation in place, is determined by calculating the size and location of wind zones.

Mechanically fixed single ply roof systems carry many benefits, these include:

• You do not need to worry about any movements or rips in your roof, as every detail is calculated when deciding on how many fasteners to use, and where to use them.

• Due to the system being mechanical, this means that the membrane does not come into contact with any chemicals such as adhesive, therefore the whole membrane can be recycled after it reached its end of life.

• Mechanically fixed membranes are very easy to replace as they are only held in place with fasteners. Therefore, if your membrane were to rip or break, we could easily swap it for you and have it back to normal in no time.

To read more about mechanically fixed roof systems, check out our blog over on our website.


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