Single ply roofing for commercial properties

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Many commercial properties, from office blocks to shopping centres, have flat roofs. And choosing the right type of roofing option for a flat roof can be a real challenge. From high performance felt roofing, to green roofs and sedum roofs, there are a variety of options to choose from. But one of the most popular option is the single ply roof. So what is the single ply roof and will it be suitable for your commercial property? Well, here at Enviroply Roofing, we are leading specialists in flat roofing. We work with commercial properties, and industrial properties around Lancashire and the whole of the North West. As a result, we have produced this guide to single ply roofing for commercial properties.


What is single ply roofing?

Single ply roofing involves installing sheets of synthetic polymer. These sheets are fully flexible and stable, and offer a 100% waterproof covering. The sheets are sealed at the joints to create a lasting, waterproof result. This also means that they are impervious to moss and algae, which could challenge the integrity of your roof over time, as there are no cracks or crevices for them to grow.

In addition, single ply roofing is strong and durable and will not expand or contract under exposure from the sun. As is the case for the majority of felt roofs available.

Single ply roofing is also light-weight. This means that it can be installed quickly and easily by our team here at Enviroply Roofing.

Single ply roofing for commercial properties

As you can see, single ply roofing is highly tested, and meets very high standards and requirements. But is it the right choice for your commercial property? Well, from a business point of view, single ply roofing can bring a range of financial and practical advantages. These include:

  • Low maintenance- Single ply roofing is made from such a good product, you don’t have to worry about maintenance.
  • Long lasting- our single ply roof installations come with a 10-25 year guarantee. So you won’t have to fork out for a new roof in a hurry. Plus, as these roofs are incredibly durable, hard wearing, strong and resistant, you won’t even have to worry about punctures or tears. So there shouldn’t be any unforeseen, costly repairs.
  • Thermally efficient- at Enviroply Roofing, our professional team will install your single ply roofing with an effective combination of insulation. By focusing on thermally efficient systems, your new roof will lose much less heat than before, and you won’t need to spend as much on heating or cooling your property, year round.
  • Economical- our single ply flat roofs are incredibly economical. Quick and easy to install, and competitively priced, single ply roofs can be very cost effective. Without reducing the quality of the finished product.
  • Versatile roof- if you want to create a roof space that is both practical, and suitable for what you need, single ply roofing can offer you just that. It can be made to fit any shape or size roof, and is incredibly versatile in design.

For more information, or to book a consultation, get in touch with the professionals today, here at Enviroply Roofing.