Secured Project: Seacombe Ferry

We are delighted to be working with Kingsmead Homes installing an IKO Armourplan Single Ply Roofing System, on the development of affordable housing near Seacombe Ferry, Wirral, here at Enviroply Roofing.


Project:                        Seacombe Ferry, Wirral


Address:                      Seacombe Ferry, Wirral


Architects:                   DK-Architects


Contractor:                  Kingsmead Homes Ltd


Roof size:                    647m2


Roof system:               IKO Armourplan


Installation:                  IKO Spectravap PE, Enertherm GOLD PIR insulation, IKO Armourplan P membrane, mechanically fixed


About the project:

This project will see the construction of 28 new apartments near Seacombe Ferry terminal in the Wirral. To be known as Mersey View, this development will feature a combination of both one-and two-bedroom apartments, across four storeys, with all homes to be made available at affordable rent. This will be implemented by housebuilder Kingsmead Homes for housing association Onward, who manage more than 35,000 properties across the region, with 1,399 of those in the Wirral.


This development will create a new landmark feature from the river and Liverpool waterfront and provide affordable housing in a prime location.


Our role in the project:

Here at Enviroply Roofing, we will be creating a mechanically fixed roof for the Seacombe Ferry development.


The installation of the vapour control layer will be the project’s initial phase. This layer is specifically designed to control the amount of moisture that enters and exits the roof, reducing condensation buildup and issues with rotting and decomposition. As a result, we will install the IKO Spectravap PE. This vapour control layer is an excellent choice as it provides top quality moisture control and protection and control. The margins near upstands and kerbs, as well as the side and end laps of the Spectravap PE vapour control layer, will be overlapped and sealed with Spectravap Jointing Tape.


Following the installation of the vapour control layer we will then be installing the insulation layer. This is one of the most important parts of any roof, as this will determine how effectively the roof space manages thermal efficiency, keeping the building warmer in winter and cooler in summer. For the Seacombe Ferry development we will be installing the Enertherm GOLD PIR insulation.This is a seven-layer insulation board that, when combined into a single product, provides the highest level of thermal efficiency. This insulation board has a multi-layer gastight aluminium complex coated on both sides, which significantly improves thermal efficiency. For this roofing project, Enertherm GOLD PIR insulation is the obvious choice because it offers greater stability than other PIR alternatives thanks to higher compression strength and lower lambda values. This ultimately translates into less insulation being needed to provide a more efficient thermal performance.


Finally, to complete the roof we will be installing the IKO Armourplan P single ply Membrane. A warm roofing project needs a high-quality waterproofing membrane that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Designed to protect the roof from the elements and weather, as well as the impact of animals, this is installed directly on top of the insulation and vapour control layer. IKO Armourplan P, is one of the best membranes on the market, and this offers robust, enhanced tensile strength, a high level of product performance, and a high degree of UV stability throughout. The roofing project will be completed by mechanically fixing this in place.