Secured Project: Lathbury Gardens

Lathbury Gardens photo

We are proud to announce that we will be working on the Lathbury Gardens development, with G C Construction Ltd.


Project:            Lathbury Gardens

Address:          Lathbury Gardens, Ullet Road, Liverpool, L17 2AD

Architects:        John McCall Architects Ltd

Contractor:       G C Construction Ltd

Roof size:         880m2

Roof system:    IKO Armourplan P Membrane, Spectravap PE Vapour Control Layer, Enertherm GOLD PIR Insulation

Installation:       Mechanically fixed


About the project:

Lathbury Gardens is the development of a four Storey building of 36 luxury apartments. This is situated on the site of the former Lathbury House near Sefton Park, on the corner of Ullet Road and Lathbury Lane, Liverpool.


Our role in the project:

Here at Enviroply Roofing, we will be responsible for creating the mechanically fixed roof system, on both the 3rd floor and the 4th floor penthouse. This will involve:

Installing the vapour control layer- we will begin by installing the IKO Spectravap PE, as the vapour control layer. This will be loosely laid with the side and end laps, as well as the edges around upstands and kerbs, being overlapped and sealed with Spectravap Jointing Tape. This is a cost effective, high performing vapour control layer, that can offer significant protection from moisture and condensation.

Installing the insulation- for the insulation layer we will be installing Enertherm GOLD PIR insulation. With a total of 7 layers that combine into one complex, and then clad on both sides with multi-layer gastight aluminum complex, this insulation layer offers maximum thermal efficiency. The Enertherm GOLD PIR insulation also offers increased compression strength and a more effective thermal performance.

Installing the membrane- we will be installing IKO Armourplan P Membrane to complete the roof system. This will be mechanically fixed into place for maximum roof security. The IKO Armourplan P Membrane has a range of benefits that make it perfectly suited for this project, including an increased tensile strength and a high level of product performance.