Secured Project: Greystone Road

The development at Greystone Road, Warrington, is our latest secured project that we are delighted to announce, we’ll be working with Kingsmead Construction.


Project:            Greystone Road

Address:          Greystone Road, Penketh, Warrington, WA5 2DS

Architects:        Sutcliffe

Contractor:       Kingsmead Construction

Roof size:         940m2

Roof system:    IKO Armourplan P Membrane, Enertherm GOLD PIR Insulation, Spectravap PE vapour control layer

Installation:       Mechanically Fixed / Warm Roof


Our role in the project

For this project we will be creating both the main roof and the lower roof for the Greystone Road development. Each of these will be mechanically fixed, warm roofing systems, perfect for the project.

For the vapour control layer, we will be installing the IKO Spectravap PE. This will be loose laid over the roof deck with the side and end laps overlapped and sealed with a suitable butyl jointing tape for maximum protection. This is a cost effective, high performing vapour control layer that can offer significant protection from moisture and condensation.

For the insulation layer we will be installing the Enertherm GOLD PIR insulation. This is an insulation board option that is suitable for both flat and pitched roofing systems. This insulation option has seven layers, combined into a single complex, which is clad on both sides with a multi-layer gastight aluminium complex for maximum thermal efficiency. The benefits of the Enertherm GOLD PIR insulation include offering more stability than other PIR options due to the increased compression strength, as well as lower lambda values, which means more effective thermal performance with less insulation.

Finally, we will use an IKO Armourplan P single ply Membrane to complete the project. This is a robust membrane option with a high level of UV stability throughout and enhanced mechanical properties when compared with other PVC membranes. The IKO Armourplan P also offers increased tensile strength and a high level of product performance. This will be mechanically fixed into place to finish the roofing project.