Secured Project: Kendal Town Hall

Kendal Town Hall

For our latest secured single ply project, we are delighted to be working with Caddick Construction and be involved in the construction of a new roof for Kendal Town Hall.


Project:            Kendal Town Hall

Address:          Kendal Town Hall, 9a Lowther Street, Kendal, LA9 4DL

Architects:       Building Consultancy Lambert Smith Hampton

Contractor:      Caddick Construction

Roof size:        80m2

Roof system:   Sika Sarnafil Single Ply membrane, G410-15EL, Sikatherm PIR GT Insulation, Sarnavap 5000E SA vapour control layer

Installation:      Fully Adhered / Warm Roof


About the project:

As part of an extensive renovation project at Kendal Town Hall and South Lakeland House, a number of changes and alterations will be made. This will include upgrading the working facilities and offices, providing disability access, opening up more meeting room space for community groups, and providing a joint reception area. In addition, the renovation work will also see the installation of a new roof, which will be sympathetic to the Town Hall’s listing.


Our role in this project:

For this project at Kendal Town Hall we will be installing a fully adhered, warm roof system.
We will begin by installing the vapour control layer on top of the new plywood roof deck. For this role, we will be using a Sarnavap 5000E self-adhesive option. This is foil faced and will be fully adhered to the surface of the roof deck for maximum coverage and protection, long term.

For the next stage of the installation process, we will be installing the insulation layer, using Sikatherm PIR GT Insulation. This is a very effective polyisocyanurate insulation option that dramatically reduces the loss of heat. The insulation layer will be installed in a staggered bond pattern, as per manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions.

Finally, we will install the single ply membrane. For this the Sika Sarnafil G410-15EL has been selected. This is a 1.5mm thick single ply membrane that can offer a high level of weather protection and water protection, with ultraviolet light stabilizers and flame retardant. The single ply membrane will be fully adhered to the insulation layer, and hot air welded at the edges and seals for maximum weatherproofing and bonding.