Secured Project- Gerrards Lane

Gerrards Lane
One of the latest projects we will be working on here at Enviroply Roofing, is the Gerrards Lane development in Liverpool, where we will be working with Abbey Prestige Homes (NW) Ltd. We will be installing mechanically fixed Sikaplan single ply roofing systems.
Project:            Gerrards Lane
Address:          Gerrards Lane, Liverpool, L26 5QA
Architects:       Four Architects
Contractor:      Abbey Prestige Homes (NW) Ltd
Roof size:         140 m2
Roof system:    Sikaplan Single Ply Membrane
Installation:      Mechanical fix system

About the project:

The development at Gerrards Lane will see the creation of stunning, high end, 4 and 5 bedroom detached properties within a gated community. Situated just outside of Woolton village, these homes are within easy access to Liverpool city centre and Junction 6 of the M57 / M62. As such, families can relax and unwind in this pocket of countryside, while still enjoying the benefits and convenience of city life.

Our role in the project:

Here at Enviroply Roofing, our role in this project will involve creating mechanically fixed, long lasting single ply roofing systems for the terrace roofs. This will involve the installation of a Vapour Control Layer (VCL), an insulation layer, a single ply roof membrane, and a protection layer after electronic testing has been implemented.
The vapour control layer is an essential part of any roofing system as this helps to protect the roof from water and moisture damage. This can be caused by condensation on the inside of the roof, which will eventually lead to weaknesses within the roof structure.
Once we have installed the VCL, we will then be installing the insulation layer. This has an important role for preventing the loss of heat through the roof in the winter, helping to keep the property warmer, and reducing energy bills. In the summer, this insulating effect works in reverse, preventing the home from heating up too much from the sun, and maintaining comfortable temperatures. For the insulation layer on each roof, we will be installing the TR26 PIR Insulation boards. These are insulation boards with a depth of 150mm, and are faced on both sides with a low-emissivity composite foil. Designed specifically with mechanically fixed, single ply roofing systems in mind, these are a highly effective option for Gerrards Lane development.
Finally, to complete the roofing build up we will be installing a Sikaplan single ply membrane for each roof. With a long standing record of industry excellence, Sika products are some of the best on the market and will ensure a hard wearing, long lasting, UV resistant roofing surface.